Connecting modern dance networks across Europe

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EU-funded project joins small-scale contemporary dance groups across Europe, boosting their profile and creating new collaborative and artistic performances.

Under the project, dancers and choreographers from the UK, France, Italy, the Netherlands and Canada worked together to create new performances for the international scene. This included a unique theatrical show which attracted audiences in all five countries involved in the project. Natalia Casorati from Mosaico Danza in Italy said:

Working in partnership with international organisations with common aims allowed us to develop new strategies. The result was a successful sold-out tour.

Dance Roads Open Process developed new European relationships in the dance sector where artists, organisers and promoters could inspire each other, share skills and experiences as well as learn how to grow audiences. The project included workshops, talks and research projects.

For the artists involved the project became a spring board towards new adventures, new creative inspiration and connections. It also gave them the confidence to promote their work more widely.

EU funding provided not only the financial resources, but also recognition of the initiative’s added value that raised the dance network's profile within Europe and beyond.

The network has big plans for the future – four new partners from Romania, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Bulgaria are taking the project’s work forward and have developed a new programme of activity, for which they are now seeking further funding.


Project title: Dance Roads Open Process

Lead organisation: Chapter

Location: Cardiff, United Kingdom

Duration: 2013-2015

EU grant: €163,916

Photo: © Chapter