Urban youth cultures and sustainability

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'What's the deal?' creates art and other imaginative projects in urban areas to promote a sustainable lifestyle.

The 'What's the deal?' project focused on urban sports such as skateboarding and biking, design and mural art in connection with sustainability.

The project gathered partners from Germany, the Netherlands, Austria and Slovenia whose aims were, among others, to learn more about the needs of young urban culture scenes and to involve them in the project, as well as to promote sustainable lifestyle using various artistic methods. It also supported intercultural dialogue and the career development of artists and cultural professionals by means of international exchanges and workshops. Project coordinator Hertha Pietsch-Zuber said:

"It was a great experience to work with partners from various disciplines at an international level and we hope that a few common projects will be created out of this cooperation. All in all the idea of sustainability brought us together and we felt in a way as an alliance.”

Key facts and figures

Project title What's the deal?
Lead organisation Department of Arts and Culture
City of Munich
Location Munich, Germany
Duration 2013-2015
EU grant €199,965

The promotion of sustainable lifestyle accompanied various project activities and resulted in creating sculptures and other objects made entirely from recycled materials (scrap metal, paper, cardboard etc.). These adapted to the current needs of the young urban scenes.

At the end of the project, an exhibition was held in Munich to share the ideas and products created during its lifetime. A festival of art, performances, discussions, campaigns and music centred on creating lively urban scenes.

Connections made during the project implementation helped create other artistic undertakings such as a new project that explores the history of European colonisation in Africa through football.

Photo: © Mehmet Birinci