Top 12 European festivals awarded

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12 festivals from 10 European countries have received awards for their innovative and trend-setting ways of bringing art and culture to audiences around Europe.

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This is the first year of the EFFE (Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe) Awards, a competition designed to celebrate and promote the best of the European festival scene.

This year's winners

The winners picked, from a pool of 760 festivals from 31 countries are:

The winners were picked an an international jury at an event, organised by EFFE in Paris as part of the Festival d'Automne.

The winners ranged from large, prestigious and well-established festivals to niche events that would otherwise slip under most people's radars.

EFFE awards

The EFFE Awards, launched this year, are open to cultural and artistic festivals of all kinds, bringing unique experiences to audiences right across Europe.

Members of the jury said:

"It has been an enormous pleasure and a privilege for the jury to discover the breadth and ambition of the European festival circuit. We are glad to see that ten countries from across Europe and a wide spectrum of artistic disciplines were represented in the final selection of the 12 award winners."


European festival guide

EFFE should be your first port of call to find festivals around Europe. You can search by country, date and genre or consult the map to find a festival near you.

Visit the online EFFE Exhibition to discover the past, present and future of the European festival scene.

If you're involved in culture, a festival organiser or a journalist, EFFE can help you get in touch with like-minded professionals around to Europe to collaborate and share ideas.

EFFE is a pilot project supported by the EU's Creative Europe programme and has received support from the European Parliament too.



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