Plovdiv (Bulgaria) and Matera (Italy) to be European Capitals of Culture in 2019

  • 4 years 3 months ago
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At their Council meeting of 19 May, European Union Culture Ministers designated the Bulgarian city of Plovdiv and the Italian city of Matera as the two European Capitals of Culture for 2019.

Plovdiv will be the first Bulgarian European Capital of Culture ever. Under the motto “Together”, Plovdiv - with its important Roma communities - aims to highlight the multi-cultural dimension of the city.

By opening up new horizons in cultural entrepreneurship and the creative industries, Plovdiv 2019 will try to further integrate the town's population into Europe and to discourage young, talented Bulgarians from moving abroad.

After Florence in 1986, Bologna in 2000 and Genoa in 2004, Matera will be the fourth Italian city to hold the title of European Capital of Culture.

Under the slogan "Open Future", Matera intends to promote openness in all its dimensions and to use culture as a propellant for conceiving a better, more inclusive and sustainable future in Europe.

Plovdiv and Matera have now four years to prepare for 2019. The active involvement of the city's inhabitants and of all relevant cultural, social and economic stakeholders is key to success.

As will be the unfailing commitment and support of the Bulgarian and Italian governments, alongside the relevant regional and municipal administrations up to 2019.

So far, more than 50 cities have been European Capitals of Culture over the last thirty years.

On 29 May, the shortlisted candidate cities for the European Capital of Culture 2020 in Croatia will be announced.