Five interactive film premieres - from Rotterdam to the world

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Film enthusiasts across Europe can enjoy a series of five film premieres screened simultaneously from Rotterdam in 40 cinemas from the UK to Spain and Poland, and at the same time be available for audiences online via VoD.

The International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) has launched a new and innovative initiative supported by Creative Europe, based on the preparatory action by G6 “Circulation of European Films in the Digital Era”.

IFFR collaborates with sales companies and distributors and aims at develop more audience for festival films. The films screened at IFFR Live will benefit from the festival focus and at the same time bring the spirit to locations across Europe.

People will be able to see directors and film crews attend the premieres in Rotterdam and participate in live Q&A sessions via Twitter using the hashtag #livecinema and Instagram. Also included in the preparatory action of the European Commission is online VoD launching of the films in countries ranging from the UK to Spain and Poland. 

The five films in the programme of IFFR Live are:

  • Atlantic by Jan-Willem van Ewijk, the Netherlands
  • Passion Stories by Ramón Gieling, the Netherlands
  • Melody by Bernard Bellefroid, Belgium/Luxembourg/France
  • Speed Walking by Niels Arden Oplev, Denmark
  • The Sky Above Us by Marinus Groothof, the Netherlands

Photo credit: "The Sky Above Us" International Film Festival Rotterdam

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