Television Programming of Audiovisual European Works

What is it for?

The Creative Europe programme provides opportunities for European production companies interested in producing a television work.

What does it support?

The production of TV programmes involving the participation of at least three European broadcasters. Works can be ‘one-off’ or serialised and may include:

  • Dramas (minimum 90 minutes duration), including sequels, second or third seasons
  • Animations (minimum 24 minutes duration)
  • Creative TV documentaries (minimum 50 minutes duration)

Who can take part?

European independent audiovisual production companies that are the main producer of the work.

More detailed information on participation is available in the guidelines for specific calls for proposals, as well as from the website of the Education, Audiovisual, and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA), and the Creative Europe Desks.

How to apply?

More detailed information on the application process is available on the EACEA website.

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