Reaching the audience – Cinema networks

What is it for?

Creative Europe supports initiatives that encourage the networking of European first-run cinemas and the screening of non-national European films by these cinemas.

What does it support?

Cinema network initiatives are designed to support:

  • Screening of non-national European films in cinemas by cinema owners and operators.
  • Development of educational and awareness-raising activities for young cinema-goers.
  • Development of new business models including the use of innovative modes of distribution to increase the visibility and audience for European films
  • Creation and consolidation of a European cinema owners’ network developing common actions of this type.
  • Introduction of digital cinema among exhibitors.

Who can take part?

Group of cinemas – networks - developing joint activities in the area of screening and promoting European films.

More detailed information on participation is available in the guidelines for specific calls for proposals, as well as from the website of the Education, Audiovisual, and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA), and the Creative Europe Desks.

How to apply?

More detailed information on the application process is available on the EACEA website.

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