Access to markets - Framework

What is it for?

Creative Europe offers opportunities for European organisations to increase access to markets through a variety of means, including exchanges, increasing the visibility of works, or improving the circulation of works.

What does it support?

Opportunities exist for initiatives that provide:

  • Access to physical markets
  • Online tools for professionals (such as a database of programmes or the development of tools)
  • Common European promotional activities

These may take the form of individual activities (single-action) or multiple activities (frameworks).

Initiatives in the areas of video-on-demand, the digitisation of audiovisual works, and digital distribution platforms are not eligible for participation.

Who can take part?

Opportunities are available for a broad array of European organisations, although individuals cannot take part.

The Education, Audiovisual, and Culture Executive Agency has detailed information on the opportunities for single actions and frameworks.

How to apply?

More detailed information on the application process is available on the EACEA website, as well as in the guidelines for specific calls for proposals and from the Creative Europe Desks

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