Cross-sector strand

What is it?

The Cross-sectoral strand of the Creative Europe programme is designed to serve three primary functions

  1. The establishment of a Guarantee Facility targeting the cultural and creative sectors
  2. The promotion of transnational policy cooperation
  3. Supporting a network of Creative Europe Desks

Why is it needed?

The three main activities of the Cross-sectoral strand target three separate, horizontal needs of the programme.

The Guarantee Facility, launched in 2016, is designed to facilitate access to finance for micro, small, and medium-sized organisations in the sector, as well as to improve the risk-assessment capacities of participating financial intermediaries.

The Transnational policy cooperation activities are designed to support the exchange of experiences and know-how relating to new business and management models, as well as:

  • Collecting market data, studies, analyses of labour, skills, market needs, and policies, and support statistical surveying
  • Paying the contribution fee for European Union membership of the European Audiovisual Observatory
  • Testing new and cross-sector business approaches to funding, distributing, and monetising creation
  • Organising conferences, seminars, and policy dialogue, including in the field of cultural and media literacy and the promotion of digital networking

The Creative Europe Desks are designed to:

  • Provide information about and promote the Creative Europe programme in their country
  • Assist the cultural and creative sectors in relation to the programme and provide basic information on other support opportunities
  • Stimulate cross-border cooperation within the cultural and creative sectors
  • Provide assistance regarding the cultural and creative sectors in participating countries
  • Support the Commission in ensuring proper communication and dissemination of the results and impacts of the programme
  • Ensuring the communication and dissemination of information concerning funding awarded to and results in a participating country