Organisation and implementation of an annual European Union Prize for Literature

The purpose of this call for proposals is to support an organisation/consortium to organise the European Union Prize for Literature for the years 2019-2021. 

The European Union Prize for Literature is a prize for literary talent, awarded annually to new and emerging European authors and is one of the special actions implemented under the Culture Sub-programme of the EU programme Creative Europe. 

The European Union Prize for Literature aims to:

  • showcase and put a spotlight on Europe’s diverse wealth of contemporary fiction;
  • raise the profile of winning authors outside their home country and help them cross borders and reach broader readership;
  • raise general awareness and stimulate interest in the entire book sector about the literary diversity in Europe;
  • promote actively the publishing, translation, selling and reading of books from other European countries; 
  • Encourage transnational circulation of literature, both in Europe and internationally. 
Deadline: 14/09/2018 19:00 CET

Call documents


EAC-12-2018 summary in EN

  • Annex 1 Grant Application: .docx .odt .pdf
  • Annex 2 Declaration of honour: .doc  .odt .pdf
  • Annex 3 Budget: .doc .odt .pdf
  • Annex 4 Model specific grant agreement for an action grant: .pdf
  • Annex 4 Model specific grant agreement with multiple partners: .pdf
  • Annex 4 Framework partnership agreement : .pdf
  • Annex 4 F ramework partnership agreement with multiple partners : .pdf
  • Annex 5 Financial Statement: .pdf
  • Annex 6 list of supporting documents: .xls
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14 September 2018 (19:00 CET)

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