Music moves Europe - Boosting European Music Diversity and Talent Call on Professionalisation and Training

The overall aim of this call is to identify and to support at least 10 innovative and sustainable pilot training programmes for young musicians and professionals in the music sector that have a European dimension.

Lessons learnt from these pilot training proposals should improve the sector's capacity and contribute to its professionalization. These findings should feed into an integrated strategy for music support for the next generation of EU funding programmes after 2020, which should foster European diversity and talent, the competitiveness of the sector as well as increased access of citizens to music in all its diversity.


The European Commission has signed a grant agreement with the following beneficiaries:

  • Interessengemeinschaft Hamburger Musikwirtschaft e.V. (DE): International Business Summer School
  • Trempolino (FR): SLASH
  • A38 Nonprofit limited (HU): Academy 38 Training program to form European music industry professionalism
  • Festival D'Aix-en-Provence (FR) : Young Women Opera Makers
  • Future Female Sounds (DK): European Female DJ summit
  • PROMUS -Fonden Produktionscenteret for rytmisk I Arhus (DK): European Music Business Task Force
  • International Music Managers Forum (IMMF) (LU): Artist's Business Campus
  • IMPALA Association Internationale AISBL (BE): IMPALA European Music Business Campus

The European Commission has signed a grant agreement with the following consortia:

  • Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft Rock und Pop in Rheinland Pfalz e.V. (DE)/EPCC L’Autre Canal Nancy (FR): Initiative POP x Multiples network
  • Hogeschool Gent (BE)/Estonian Academy of Music and Theater (EE)/Erasmus University Rotterdam (NL)/Instituto Politechnico Do Porto (PT)/Music and Drama Association “Athen Conservatoire” – 1871 (EL)   : The self-curating musician: professional skills by design thinking
  • Music Innovation Hub s.p.a. (IT)/Media Deals UG (DE): Music Tech Europe Academy

Call documents

  • EAC-S21- 2019 Call for Proposals - .docx
  • Annex I.a. - Grant application form monobeneficiary - .docx
  • Annex I.b. - Grant application form multibeneficiary - .docx
  • Annex II - Declaration on the honour - .docx
  • Annex III Estimated budget form - .doc
  • Annex IV.a. - Model grant agreement monobeneficiary - .docx
  • Annex IV.b. - Model grant agreement multibeneficiary - .docx
  • Annex V - Financial report template - .doc
  • Annex VI - List of supporting documents - .xls
  • Annex VIIa - Methodology grants - .docx
  • Annex VIIb - Economic and Financial Analysis form - .xls


Version 5 - 21 October, 2019

Please note that the clarification questions can be sent to until 17/10/2019 18:00 CET. Questions sent after the deadline will not be treated.

The results of the call will be published once selected projects sign their contracts.

calls type: 
Culture sub-programme
31 October 2019 12.00 Brussels local time

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