i-Portunus is back

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i-Portunus will continue to fund the mobility of artists and cultural professional with another 2 projects worth €1.5 million from the Creative Europe programme.

After months of COVID-19 restrictions that proved to be devastating for the cultural sectors and artists, i-Portunus, the mobility scheme for artists and cultural professionals is returning with new Calls for Applications starting in Dec 2020.

For many professionals in the cultural sectors, mobility is more necessary than ever, but it is also more challenging than ever. i-Portunus will offer transnational mobility, where and when possible.

New Call by the End of Year

The first new i-Portunus project will receive applications from individual artist from the book, architecture, cultural heritage and music sectors as well as from cultural professionals in any sector (except audio-visual).

Another project is planned to start at the beginning of 2021. It will support the mobility of artists and cultural professionals by funding hosts or hosting institutions. Together these projects will launch several Calls for Applications in 2021.

Stay tuned for more information on Creative Europe and the i-Portunus website.


In May 2018, the European Commission published its A New European Agenda for Culture” which sets out objectives for cooperation at EU level and proposes 25 priority actions. One of these is to encourage “the mobility of professionals in the cultural and creative sectors”. i-Portunus projects are selected and funded by Creative Europe, the EU programme which supports European culture.

A very successful pilot project started in January 2019 and ran until February 2020. Now, two more projects have been commissioned to run i-Portunus till 2022.

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