Creative Europe publishes the 2018 Monitoring Report

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This report highlights the results of the Creative Europe Programme in 2018 and the progress toward the achievement of its key objectives to safeguard cultural diversity and strengthen the competitiveness of the cultural and creative sectors.

The report looks at the policy developments in the field of the cultural and creative sectors in 2018 and illustrates how it was put into practice. It presents the wide range of activities undertaken – with many examples of projects co-financed by the programme – and the results achieved.

The report demonstrates the value of the Creative Europe programme as a whole, which is greater than the sum of its individual parts. The results of the programme are assessed in terms of both their cultural and artistic value, as well as their economic value, reflecting the dual nature of the cultural and creative sectors.

This Monitoring Report is a response to the recommendation of the mid-term evaluation of Creative Europe to strengthen the monitoring of results on an annual basis. As such, it aims to shed further light on the strengths of the programme and the areas for improvement in the context of the ongoing discussions on the successor Programme under the Multiannual Financial Framework 2021-2027.