Co-Creation and Co-Production scheme for the music sector


The Preparatory action “Music Moves Europe: Boosting European music diversity and talent” aims at paving the way towards the “sectorial support for music” as a new element for the next Creative Europe Programme post-2020.

Human interaction boosts creativity and cross-fertilisation of ideas. There is growing evidence of a sharp increase in international collaboration between artists, songwriters and producers from different countries as musical talents search for new influences and new inspiration. In the European context, residencies, co-writing camps and different artistic retreats must be seen as an excellent opportunity to showcase European cultural diversity through music. They can contribute to the development of new artistic practices, innovative creation and research. The creation and development of European co-production schemes, focused on producing new repertoire with international writing teams, offers a good way of encouraging people to think outside of their own borders and context bystimulating cross-border/cross-genre collaboration.


The general objective of this call is to identify and support at least 10 innovative and sustainable pilot co-production and co-creation programmes for songwriters and musicians in the music sector with a clear European added-value in order to facilitate the development of European music repertoire. The focus should lie on bringing together songwriters and music performers with different nationalities and backgrounds in order to create a diverse learning environment that nurtures creativity and enhance mutual learning. The ‘programmes’ should focus on emerging artists. The programmes should have a clear vision on how the outputs, notably the newly created songs will be promoted in order to reach the audience.


You can submit your questions and request for clarification to the functional mailbox of the call until 13 May 2020 9.00 CET. Please note that any question submitted to the functional mailbox after this deadline will not be answered. The last version of the complete Q&A will be published on 17 April 2020 at the latest.



To all applicants

We noticed several instances of instability of the EU survey site to submit your applications to the EAC/S18/2019 - Co-creation and Co-production call on the day of the deadline.

In order to allow all applicants who were ready by the original deadline, but could not upload their documents to re-submit their application, we have decided to reopen the application for the call.

The EU Survey site will be open until Wednesday 13 May, 9.00 am CET.

We encourage applicants not to wait for the last moment to upload their application, because it may result again the slowdown of the server. In case of any problems related to the submission, please contact as soon as possible. If you receive an ERROR message, please clear the history, cookies and the cache of your internet browser before trying to submit the application the second time.


The European Commission has signed a grant agreement with the following beneficiaries/Consortia:

  • Louvana Diskoi Ltd
  • Saraiva Canejo Leitão Unipessoal Lda (SCL) in consortium with Nord Universitet (NORD)
  • Associazione culturale “So What” in consortium with MINNAMURRA MUSIC MANAGEMENT & AGENCY
  • IHM - Interessengemeinschaft Hamburger Musikwirtschaft e.V
  • Institute of Sound in consortium with Konstmusiksystrar and Kajetan Lukomski
  • Music Export Poland Foundation in consortium with Le Bureau Export and Associacão Empresarial WHY Portugal
  • A38 KULTURALIS KOZHASZNU A38 KULTURALIS KOZHASZNU in consortium with Tendencies 21 Kft., Overground Music SLR., INK Music Ltd., and LALA Slovak Music Export

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13 May 2020, 9.00 CET

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