2019 European Cooperation Projects

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This call aims to widen opportunities for international dialogue and develop new models of revenue and management for heritage and culture projects.

A call for tender has been published to support the wide objectives of the 2019 European Cooperation Projects. These projects have numerous beneficiaries, and are fundamental to enabling artists and creative professionals to grow their careers and connections internationally.

The cooperation projects seek to increase opportunities for international dialogue, and to develop and test new models of revenue and management in heritage and culture projects – with a particular focus on harmonising marketing strategies in an increasingly digital environment. In order to extend access to as wide an audience as possible, audience development is also a priority.

Through these projects, the EU hopes to promote shared values across Member States, and create a mutual understanding and respect of the many cultures prescient in the EU and beyond – thereby supporting the social integration of new citizens, migrants, asylum-seekers and refugees – and reinforcing a sense of belonging to a common European space.