European Heritage Awards

The purpose of this call for proposals is to select an organisation/consortium capable of organising the European Heritage Awards for the Commission for the period 2019-2021 (as of the 2019 edition with preparatory work in 2018). The work entails the organisation of procedures for the selection of the award winners, the organisation of the award ceremony and the promotion of the awards and their winners. Emphasis should be given to a greater visibility of the awards through communication and network activities within the sector to exchange information and best practices.

The aim of this call for proposals is to ensure the continuation of the EU Prize for cultural heritage under the new name European Heritage Awards beyond the 2018 edition and to be coherent with the objectives of the EYCH.

Deadline: 17/08/2018 13:00 CET

Call documents

  • Call for proposals
  • ​​Annex 1) Application form including checklist of documents to be provided .docx .odt .pdf
  • Annex 2) Declaration on the honour: .docx .odt .pdf
  • Annex 3) Budget forms for information on estimated budget for the first edition of the Prize (period 2018-2019), to be completed: .xls .pdf

Staff Categories - ISCO International Standard Classification of Occupations

  • Annex 4) Single organisation: Model framework partnership agreement: .docx .odt .pdf and model specific grant agreement .docx .odt .pdf
  • Annex 4) Multiple partners: Model framework partnership agreement: .docx .odt .pdf and model specific grant agreement .docx .odt .pdf
  • Annex 5) Financial statement: .doc .odt .pdf
  • Annex 6) List of supporting documents (list of invoices for the submission of final financial reports): .xls .pdf
  • Annex 7) Methodology on financial capacity: .docx .odt .pdf
  • Annex 7bis) Economic and financial capacity analysis: .xls .pdf

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17/08/2018 13:00 CET

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