Design and management of networking and capacity building activities for European Heritage Label sites

The action under this call for proposals should contribute to the general objectives of the European Heritage Label action of "strengthening European Citizens' sense of belonging to the Union, in particular that of young people, based on shared values and elements of European history and cultural heritage, as well as an appreciation of national and regional diversity; and strengthening intercultural dialogue"
The purpose of this call is to select a coordinator (a single legal entity or consortium of organisations) to launch activities of networking, capacity building and exchange of best practices among the EHL sites, and communication and promotions activities for the action, thereby contributing to the following objectives:

  • Promote networking for the EHL sites
  • Encourage the sites to develop joint projects such as youth exchanges and volunteering, staff mobility, joint curatorial work, etc…
  • Increase the capacity of the sites to act at international level, through training of site managers and exchange of staff among EHL sites.
  • Support the development of joint educational programmes and joint marketing and tourism products.
  • Improve the visibility of the EU action and of the EHL sites.

Deadline: 03/01/2019 – 13:00 Brussels time

Call documents

  • Call for proposals
  • ​​Annex 1) Application form including checklist of documents to be provided .docx .odt .pdf
  • Annex 2) Declaration on the honour: .docx .odt .pdf
  • Annex 3) Budget forms: .doc .odt.pdf
  • Annex 4) Model grant agreement: .pdf
  • Annex 5) Financial statement: .doc .odt .pdf
  • Annex 6) List of supporting documents (list of invoices for the submission of final financial reports): .xls .pdf
  • Annex 7) Methodology for evaluating financial capacity: .docx .odt .pdf
  • Annex 7bis) Form for economic and financial capacity analysis: .xls .pdf

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03/01/2019 – 13:00 Brussels time

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