Support for a preparatory action to create an EU Festival award and an EU Festival label in the field of culture - EFFE (Europe for Festivals - Festivals for Europe)


At the end of 2015, the European Parliament approved a budget for a Preparatory Action as a continuation of the pilot project EFFE (Europe For Festivals – Festivals For Europe), a successful labelling programme for festivals which finished in December 2015.

This Preparatory Action will allow EFFE to increase its reach to festivals and audiences, building on the award and the label EFFE already established, to carry out a truly European initiative covering all culture festivals across Europe and rewarding the innovation endeavours made by these festivals.

The aim of the call for proposals is therefore to build on the work of the pilot project EFFE, in order to achieve the following expected results:

  • the establishment of a solid, credible and transparent mechanism for the selection of European festivals to receive a label and/or award during a high quality and visible awards ceremony;
  • the development of a branding strategy in the continuity of the pilot project, for a recognisable and valuable label and award;
  • high visibility for the award and label, the winners and the values that labelled festivals promote, engaging different target groups for the label and awards;
  • a strong network with a view to ensuring the sustainable impact of the label and awards.

Only one project will be supported under this Preparatory Action.


You can either download all of the call documents or the individual documents below.


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16:00 - 21/06/2016

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