Managing your labelled site

To support your communication about being an European Heritage labelled sites:

  • flyers, posters and postcards can be printed and provided by the European Commission upon request
  • a communication toolbox supports your online communication
  • the monitoring process about your designation are available in this page

Communication Toolbox


The European Heritage Label graphic design toolbox is provided to the labelled sites for their communication activities, and may also be of interest to organisations intending to promote the label.
The toolbox is designed to serve as a series of examples of promotional materials, serving both as best practice and an inspiration for the development of further promotional material.
The toolbox consists of four sections, presented below.


The European Heritage Label has several different branding elements, including:

The graphic design charter - DE EN FR

Leaflets in 20 different languages:

Logos in 23 different languages:

Posters in 20 different languages:

Postcard 1

Postcard 2

Postcard 3

Postcard 4

Audiovisual material

The videos of the 29 sites are available to download on the audiovisual materials page.

Monitoring of designated sites

The monitoring folder is designed to be used by European Heritage Label sites on a regular basis to ensure that they continue to meet the necessary criteria, and to ensure that they respect their project and work plans.

2016 is the first monitoring year for designated sites.

The monitoring folder has been developed in Excel format. Users should use the .xlsm version, although if this is not possible a .xls version is also available.

The folder is currently available in 13 languages; the different language versions are available:

Please note that, in order to use the monitoring folder, you will need to enable both the content and the macros (if prompted).

Question can be sent to the European Heritage Label via email.

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