Music Moves Europe Talent Awards, the EU prize for popular and contemporary music

An EU initiative designed to support emerging talent and promote and celebrate the richness of the European repertoire.

What are the Music Moves Europe Talent Awards?

The Music Moves Europe Talent Awards celebrate the emerging artists who represent the European sound of today and tomorrow. The awards are a European Union initiative designed to support new music talent and promote the richness of the European repertoire, and are held in collaboration with a unique alliance of European music industry partners.

Europe’s vibrant and diverse music scene has to compete against a dominant Anglo-American music industry. With the Music Moves Europe Talent Awards, the Commission aims to put a spotlight on the most interesting new European talents – and to showcase the richness and the diversity of the European music industry. The new awards will replace the European Border Breakers Awards (EBBA), which since 2004 have celebrated promising new artists including Adele, Stromae and Dua Lipa – to name a few.

Outstanding emerging artists will receive a Music Moves Europe Talent Award in recognition of their international success. They will be given the opportunity to perform at the Eurosonic Festival (ESNS) and will receive on top of that a prize package, including a training programme and financial support for touring and promotion. The nature of the Prize affirms a shared commitment to helping emerging artists to break through in Europe and beyond.

The awards are organised in close cooperation with the European Commission and financially supported via its framework programme, Creative Europe.

How do the awards work?

The emerging artists are selected in six categories:

  • pop,
  • rock,
  • singer-songwriter,
  • urban/r&b,
  • hip hop/rap, and
  • electronic (EDM)

Artists will be judged based on amount of airplay, music streams, live performances in Europe, as well as via music industry recommendations.

The nominees for the Music Moves Europe Talent Awards are announced in September at the Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg, Germany. A distinguished jury will then select 12 winners from amongst the nominees (two per music category) until November.

Amongst those winners, music fans will be able to vote online for their favourite artist in each category. The announcement of those Public Choice Awards will be the highlight of the big Music Moves Europe Talent Awards Ceremony taking place at the ESNS festival in January in Groningen, the Netherlands. Discover this year’s nominees and award winners here.

The Music Moves Europe Talent Awards are presented by Eurosonic and Reeperbahn Music Festivals, in cooperation with:

  • Digital Music Europe (DME),
  • European Broadcasting Union (EBU),
  • European Music Exporters Exchange (EMEE),
  • Independent Music Companies Association (IMPALA),
  • International Music Managers Forum (IMMF),
  • the live music platform for new European talent (Liveurope),
  • the European network of music venues and festivals (Live DMA), and
  • European Festival Association (Yourope).

What is music moves Europe?

Music Moves Europe is the overarching framework for the European Commission’s initiatives and actions in support of the European music sector. MME wants to build on and enhance the sector's strong assets: creativity, diversity and competitiveness. Complementing Member States' action, EU support for the sector has several dimensions: regulatory framework; policy support; funding and structured dialogue with representatives from the European music sector.

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