Why apply?

All consumers expect and deserve safe products. Investment in product safety can earn your company new customers. If you put safety at the heart of what you do, going beyond the minimum requirements laid down in EU law, then we think that's worth celebrating.

Winning an EU Product Safety Award means:

  • widespread recognition of your efforts, including at international level
  • positioning your company as an industry-leader in product safety
  • boosting your company's reputation, the visibility of your products and interest in what you do.

And the Award is not just for big businesses. Each category will have winners for SMEs as well as bigger companies. No one is left out!

New EU award to celebrate product safety champions

The consumers we aim to protect are […] our children, our friends, our neighbours. So, let us live up to this responsibility.

Věra Jourová,
European Commissioner for Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality