Administration and Payment of Individual Entitlements

PMO service guide

The Paymaster Office is an internal department responsible for the financial entitlements of staff of the European Commission and certain other EU institutions.

Reimbursement experts costs

AGM (Advance Gateway to your Meeting)

AGM is an on-line platform web-based tool.

AGM is the European Commission’s Corporate Solution for planning, organising and handling reimbursement of costs for meetings involving external experts. It’s designed to make it easier for experts to attend meetings whilst delegating the full payment process to PMO.

One of its main benefits is a faster expert reimbursement due to a shortened workflow (no involvement of EC services unless PMO). AGM use becomes mandatory for all registered Expert Groups (Working Group, Task Force) or Committee meetings as from 01/01/2019.

For further information, introduce your request via AGM.

Reimbursement candidate's costs