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Learning Opportunity: Masters of Arts by Research, M.A.

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Masters of Arts by Research, M.A.

Course Information

When completing the degree the student shall be able to demonstrate;

  • deeper and wide knowledge and understanding that is founded upon and extends and enhances that typically associated with the BA-degree, and made possible through independent research
  • a extensive understanding of theory, concepts and methods in the field of study
  • knowledge and understanding of methods for gathering and processing data in the chosen field of study

When completing the degree the student shall be able to;

  • give an overview of major studies in his/her field
  • communicate research results in an appropriate manner in an academic setting
  • formulate novel research questions and put them in an appropriate academic context
  • demonstrate expertise in acquiring and processing data in the field of study
  • publish research papers in a peer-reviewed journal
  • apply their knowledge and understanding, and problem solving abilities in new or unfamiliar environments within broader (or multidisciplinary) contexts related to their field of study

When completing the degree the student shall be able to;

  • take initiative in projects in his/her field of study, lead them to fruitful conclusion and take responsibility for individual and team contributions
  • share his/her theories and results with laypersons as well as fellow academics
  • analyse and assess complex theoretical, practical and social issues, and to be able to use the acquired research experience, knowledge and understanding to tackle novel issues.
  • confidently use the appropriate research methods, understand studies and their results, and independently assess which methods are best suited for a given research question
  • demonstrate sufficient theoretical and research skills, methods mastery and level of independence to embark on a Ph.D.-study in social sciences

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