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Learning Opportunity: History

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The courses studied at the History Bachelor programme: Lithuanian History, Early and Late History of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania (GDL); History of Middle Ages; Ancient History; Modern History; Contemporary History; Introduction to the History of Christianity; History of Lithuania (1795-1918); History of Lithuania (1918-1990); History of the GDL (15th-16th c. and 17th-18th c.); Latin Palaeography and Language of the GDL; Sources of the GDL History (15th-16th c. and 7th-18th c.); Ruthenian Palaeography of the GDL; Auxiliary Disciplines of History; Introduction to Archivistics; History of Baltic States; History of Russia (19th-beginning of 20th c.); History of Poland; Historiography of Lithuanian History; Sources of Lithuanian History (19th-20th c.); History of the USSR (1917-1990); Historiography of World History; Polish Language; Latin Language.
Research seminars: Society of the GDL in the 14th-15th c. and 17th-18th c., Dissident Movement in the USSR and East Europe.

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Minimum education - Secondary



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Vilnius University
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Provider phone number: +370-5-2687000 Provider email: rastine@cr.vu.lt Provider URL: http://www.vu.lt

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Bachelor of History
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Vilnius University

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Provider phone number: +370-5-2687000 Provider email: rastine@cr.vu.lt Provider URL: http://www.vu.lt

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Vilniaus m. sav. Vilniaus m. Universiteto g. 3