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Learning Opportunity: Bachelor of Sports Studies, Sports and Leisure Management

Bachelor of Sports Studies, Sports and Leisure Management

Course Information

The studies emphasize the development of the following competences:

  • sports and exercise competence
  • human wellbeing and health-promoting exercise competence
  • sports and exercise related pedagogical and didactics competence
  • sports and exercise related social, leadership and entrepreneurial competence
  • activity tourism competence

During your professional studies you will create commercial sports and leisure services, implement products and events, instruct sports sessions and provide exercise and nutrition counselling. Entrepreneurial competence is the central theme of the studies. You can major in Recreation and Sports Services: Advanced Coaching, Activity Tourism and Wellbeing Tourism but also in Business or or accomplish part of your studies in one of our partner universities abroad. The degree includes a two-month and three-month period of practical training. Practical training occurs in various sports and leisure environments at home or abroad. It also consists of a thesis worth 15 credits, in which you can apply your professional competencies and increase your research and development competence.

The degree beginning in 2017 will be delivered via a new curriculum which is based in the KAMK’24 strategy “Finland’s smartest university”. The operational profile is smart solutions, meaning not only the use of technological solutions but also the ability to do the right things right. The School of Activity Tourism’s (Sports and Leisure Management degree and Tourism degree) area of expertise is adventure based activities, in other words, developing profitable products and services involving experiences or adventure. The degree in Sports and Leisure Management familiarizes students with technological solutions and adventure activities.


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3,5 vuotta

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210 ECTS credits

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Kajaani University of Applied Sciences, School of Sports
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Ketunpolku 4, 87100, KAJAANI
Kajaani University of Applied Sciences, School of Sports
PL 52, 87101, KAJAANI
044 7101 625
08 6189 9603

Qualifications Awarded

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Qualification Awarded:
Liikunnanohjaaja (AMK)
Qualification awarded description:

Students who graduate as Sports Instructors (University of Applied Sciences degree, amk) are able to work independently in national and international specialist sport related positions involving challenges such as health promoting exercise, activity tourism, entrepreneurial activities, and sports leadership. They are capable of leading challenging professional assignments or projects and engaging in the activities of multidisciplinary and professional working groups and networks.

The general aim of the degree in sports and leisure management, delivered in English, is that students will become sports specialists who understand that sports and exercise contribute significantly to the wellbeing of individuals and society. Their professional expertise is based on a multi-scientific knowledge base, practical competence and interaction skills.

Course Locations

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Ketunpolku 4, 87100, KAJAANI