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Learning Opportunity: Bachelor of Hospitality Management, DP in Culinary Management, application spring 2017

Bachelor of Hospitality Management, DP in Culinary Management, application spring 2017

Course Information

Hospitality management students learn through interactive learning processes which involve students, teachers and the industry. A wide variety of teaching methods is in use and digitalization has a strong presence in teaching. The studies aim to emphasize and create sales- and service-orientation and entrepreneurial attitude, and encourage life-long learning. A degree in hospitality management provides eligibility for further studies.

The four cornerstones of hospitality management studies

Firm basis in working life

Studies are firmly based in the working life and industry reality and they include both theory and practice. The aim is to create high quality competence with benefits for the industry. The strong connection to the industry gives the student a strong and realistic comprehension of the industry and an excellent springboard for career advancement. Students learn, develop and improve their aptitude for supervisory and expert assignments during their studies. They also internalize the relevance of managerial thinking in business.

Innovative business solutions

Research, development and innovation are an integral part of learning through industry-based projects. They aim at enhancing students' ability to find and apply information in a critical and analytical manner, and solve problems. Readiness to envision matters through a wider, more managerial point of view increases. At the same time the student learns a variety of business development methods. Combining research, development and innovation with teaching creates innovative solutions to industry challenges.

Aesthetics and experience

The competitiveness and growth potential of the industry relies heavily on aesthetics and experiences. A hospitality management graduate will be able to analyse and utilize methods needed to recognize profitable business opportunities: creating and selling aesthetic, desirable and unforgettable services. Students have a clear image of customer processes and they understand the added value created by aesthetics and experience from both customer and business point of view.

Global and local multicultural business environment

The studies include international aspects as well as language and culture studies. Haaga-Helia UAS has shared study implementations with foreign institutes of higher education and belongs to many international organizations.

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3,5 vuotta




210 ECTS credits

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Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, Helsinki Haaga campus
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Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, Helsinki Haaga campus
0400 230409
Pajuniityntie 11, 00320, HELSINKI
Pajuniityntie 11
00320 Helsinki
+358 400 230409

Qualifications Awarded

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Restonomi (AMK)
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The culinary management programme is firmly based on professional growth and development. Its competency-based curriculum has to be designed and described very clearly: students need to be able to understand the various dimensions of the listed competencies and the industry needs to see the connection between competencies and various tasks and assignments in the working life. In the planning phase, generic working life skills, business management and leadership skills, cooperation with industry and future employment were all taken into account. Being competency-based, the curriculum requires flexibility and continuing dialogue with the industry; this is crucial for updating the competency and content requirements whenever necessary.

The aim of the culinary management degree programme is to combine the theoretical knowledge of planning and management with the necessary practical skills. The degree programme joins together a strong professional identity and managerial thinking. In the curriculum, business management shows in both specialization studies and the supporting law, marketing, accounting and entrepreneurship-related studies. During their studies, culinary management students grow to be competent culinary management operators with responsible and entrepreneurial attitudes to their jobs. At the same time, they acquire a comprehensive image of the whole service industry. Studies are planned and implemented in active cooperation with industry operators and international partners.

Students of this programme will accomplish Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management.

Course Locations

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Pajuniityntie 11, 00320, HELSINKI