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  1. Anthropology- ISCTE-IUL, Escola de Ciências Sociais e Humanas

    The undergraduate programme in Anthropology at ISCTE-IUL offers students a comprehensive overview of the most striking themes in contemporary societies. This course aims to provide students with theoretical and methodological training in the field of Social or Cultural Anthropology and in applying acquired competences, with general knowledge of the world's main ethnographic contexts and knowledge required for eventual access to the 2nd cycle. In particular, the degree provides a solid background in the following areas: intercultural relations and ethnocentrism as central political and cultural themes in contemporary times; in-depth knowledge of different ethnographic contexts; familiarity with the main theoretical contributions of the discipline and their methods; contact with the main application fields of anthropological knowledge. The programme is taught by a highly qualified faculty and has regular collaborations from teachers and researchers from other national and international institutions of higher education, such as the Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brown University, University of California - Berkeley, the Indian Institute of Technology and the Universitat Virgili i Rovi. This teacher exchange allows them to introduce students to the various specialties of Anthropology. ...

    Provider NameISCTE-IUL

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Portugal, Lisboa
  2. Anthropology- Universidade de Coimbra, Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia

    A degree in anthropology includes the study of biological variability, cultural and social man, with the overall objective to show how knowledge about human evolution, the ethnographic comparison, health, disease, material culture (among others), we can help balance, analyzing and interpreting the dilemmas of the contemporary world in relation to the past. In this degree students will deal with knowledge about genes, bones, artefacts and languages, behaviors and norms, symbols and institutions, discourses and narratives, from an epistemological decentralization stems from the cultural and biological diversity of human societies. Training on different biological, social and cultural human groups with the aim of articulating the formation on the evolution and the cultural and social diversity. Interpret, analyze and understand the dilemmas of the contemporary world in relation to the past. The Anthropology course lasts six semesters (three years) and is divided into two alternative routes:  - Degree in Anthropology without minor (180 ECTS) and  - Degree in Anthropology (150 ECTS) and with minor in a complementary scientific area (30 ECTS). ...

    Provider NameUniversidade de Coimbra

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Portugal, Centro (P)
  3. Archeology- Universidade de Lisboa, Faculdade de Letras

    The course has the goal of training archaeologists with a solid theoretical and methodological education. This course provides the technical and scientific capacity to access the courses of the second cycle (Master). ...

    Provider NameUniversidade de Lisboa

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Portugal, Lisboa
  4. Assistant Archaeologist- Adult Education and Training Course (EFA)

    The Adult Education and Training Courses (AET Courses) are an offer of education and training for adults who want to raise their qualifications. These courses are developed according to dual certification courses and, where appropriate, to the profile and life history of adults, only for school qualification. These courses also offer the possibility of acquiring school qualifications and / or professional competences, with a view to (re) insertion or progression in the labor market. Adults who already hold the 3rd cycle of ensino básico or the secondary level of education that wish to obtain a double certification may, whenever appropriate, develop only the technological training component of the corresponding AET course. This learning opportunity corresponds to the qualification of Assistant Archaeologist (225021) Implement - under the guidance of a Senior Archaeologist -, initiatives conducive to researching, recording, analysing, and preserving archaeological sites and materials, through the use of equipment and by applying techniques required for performing excavations, prospection, surveying, mapping, design, photography, conservation and restoration of archaeological assets. ...

    Provider NameINOVINTER - Centro de Formação e de Inovação Tecnológica - Beja

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Portugal
  5. Heritage Management- Instituto Politécnico do Porto, Escola Superior de Educação

    The profile of the programme comprises the development of the technical-scientific knowledge and professional skills in the study areas of Heritage Management. Regime: Working hours and after working hours. ...

    Provider NameInstituto Politécnico do Porto

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Portugal, Norte
  6. History of Art- Universidade do Porto, Faculdade de Letras

    Course Structure ...

    Provider NameUniversidade do Porto

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Portugal, Norte
  7. History of Art- Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas

    Education objectives: To acquire theoretical knowledge of the History of Art, both international and Portuguese, from Antiquity to contemporary times; To master the concepts and basic methodologies of History of Art; To acquire skills to analyse and identify works of art; To develop conceptual and critical abilities towards artistic objects and their contextualisation; To acquire the ability to use knowledge of the History of Art for civic and social intervention; To apply knowledge of the History of Art when reflecting upon the cultural identity of different societies; To master appropriate knowledge of the History of Art to work within the fields of Museology and Heritage Studies. ...

    Provider NameUniversidade Nova de Lisboa

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Portugal, Lisboa
  8. History- Universidade Aberta

    People interested in acquiring or having further knowledge and in improving their professional performances in areas such as: in human resources; central, regional and local public administration; cultural agents and organizers; cultural tourism; heritage preservation and restoration; public and private museums; foreign services; education diplomacy; international relations; journalism; media; social volunteering. This course provides the technical and scientific capacity to access the courses of the second cycle. ...

    Provider NameUniversidade Aberta

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Portugal, Lisboa
  9. History- Universidade do Minho, Instituto de Ciências Sociais

    The overall aims of this study cycle in History are:  - convey a solid knowledge over historic times encompassing Prehistory, Ancient and Classic Civilizations, Middle Ages, Modern Ages and Contemporary Ages including History of Present Time. Alongside national and European history, which performs a privileged domain regarding the formation basis, the course will also value the approach over territorial spaces and non-European civilizations;  - provide an efficient knowledge about research and generic and specialized access to historic data;  - develop research skills that are relevant throughout the several stages of the learning process: documental or empirical, methodological, production and short presentation of results;  - exercise an informed and critical attitude over historic knowledge and over the uses of history and historiography in contemporaneity;  - improve overall autonomy and civic responsibility attitude. This course provides the technical and scientific capacity to access the courses of the second cycle (Master). ...

    Provider NameUniversidade do Minho

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Portugal, Norte
  10. History- Universidade do Porto, Faculdade de Letras

    The fundamental goal of the 1st cycle degree in History, ministered by the Department of History, Political and International Studies (DHEPI), is to provide a solid education in the History domain, in four academic areas:  - History - Knowledge;  - History - Theory;  - History - Method;  - History - Applied research. ...

    Provider NameUniversidade do Porto

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Portugal, Norte