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Learning Opportunity: Bachelor of Social Services

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Bachelor of Social Services

Course Information

The course aims to train professionals who are competent to work for socially sustainable communities in Finland and abroad. The specific focus of the programme is on community development work, with an emphasis on people’s participation and empowerment, and on identification of and fighting against different forms of discrimination in communities and societies.

The students learn about social work and social policy issues from the Finnish, European and Global perspectives. They gain the skills required to plan and carry out social activities and analysis, implement participatory research, and analyze local conditions in relation to wider economic and social changes. Graduates will be able to work as social service workers in the Finnish context and as social workers in many other countries.

Within the degree programme of social services, the students can choose the optional study path, which concentrates on the study of Diaconia and focuses on the issues of marginalized youths and other deprived groups in communities and societies. The ecumenical aspects of faith are studied and Christianity is analyzed in a

dialogue with other religions. This study option enables the members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland to be ordained as a Deacon and prepares them for social work within the Church or other Christian organizations.

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3,5 vuotta




210 ECTS credits

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Diaconia University of Applied Sciences
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Kyläsaarenkuja 2, 00580, HELSINKI
Diaconia University of Applied Sciences
PL 12, 00511, HELSINKI
020 690 432 020 690 433

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Sosionomi (AMK)
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Social Service Studies with a focus on Community Development Work prepares the students for a variety of tasks in the social service field in both Finland and international contexts. Studying in English in a multicultural study group offers an opportunity to learn in a real international learning environment.

The degree programme aims to equip the students with skills to support the engagement of local people and communities in social action, address the impact of globalization on local communities in different countries and develop innovative projects with communities and groups.

This degree programme does not provide kindergarten teacher qualification.

Course Locations

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Kyläsaarenkuja 2, 00580, HELSINKI