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The European Qualifications Framework (EQF) is a translation tool that helps communication and comparison between qualifications systems in Europe. Its eight common European reference levels are described in terms of learning outcomes: knowledge, skills and competences. This allows any national qualifications systems, national qualifications frameworks (NQFs) and qualifications in Europe to relate to the EQF levels. Learners, graduates, providers and employers can use these levels to understand and compare qualifications awarded in different countries and by different education and training systems.

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Qualifications that are part of national qualifications framework are listed on this page. You can scroll down to find all information. Filter by Subject Field, EQF level and Location and you will find more detailed information on qualifications, and a link to the national database. The qualifications are part of national qualifications frameworks that have formally referenced to the EQF

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  1. Tapetnik/tapetnica

    Certificate-holders will be able to: work autonomously and safely with tapestry tools and machinery, autonomously use workshop documentation and plans, handle materials and equipment appropriately, cut, split, join and use tapestry upholstery materials economically, make high-quality upholstery products for furniture (chairs, couches, beds) and upholstered fittings for vehicles, make and fit high-quality textile products for interior fittings, maintain and renovate upholstery products of different thicknesses, use basic information and communications technology. Certificate holders build on their key vocational knowledge and abilities with key general knowledge in line with national standards. ...

    Category: Qualifications Location: Slovenia
  2. Polagalec/polagalka talnih oblog

    Candidates will be able to: accept and review technical documentation and plan their work accordingly, ensure the quality and at the same time the financial efficiency of their work and products while observing the principles of rational use of energy, time and material, work in such a way as not to endanger themselves or others in their working environment or pollute the environment, in communication with the various stakeholders they encounter in their work, observe business ethics, read plans and technical drawings for their field of work, apply entrepreneurial knowledge and skills, prepare floors and lay all types of flooring, grind, varnish, polish and stain wooden floors,- maintain and repair floors, store various floorings and other materials.  ...

    Category: Qualifications Location: Slovenia
  3. Skodlar/skodlarka

    Candidates will be able to: plan their work in accordance with local characteristics regarding wooden roofing materials, ensure the quality and at the same time the financial efficiency of their work and products while observing the principles of rational use of material, work in such a way as not to endanger themselves or others in their working environment or pollute the environment, in communication with the various stakeholders they encounter in their work, observe business ethics, conserve and develop cultural heritage in accordance with local characteristics, select a tree type and prepare wood for the manufacture of shingles or boards, make shingles and boards destined for roofing, prepare the roof structure for the laying of shingles or boards, cover a roof structure with shingles and sawn boards, make and install a wooden gutter and fit a roof, maintain roof coverings made of shingles or sawn boards, control and check quality of wooden roof structures. ...

    Category: Qualifications Location: Slovenia
  4. Barman/barmanka

    Candidates will be able to:  autonomously plan, prepare and oversee their own work and the work of a group in accordance with quality standards in catering work, make responsible and economical use of raw materials, equipment, energy and time in preparing and serving beverages, maintain personal hygiene and a hygienic working environment and diligently attend to the implementation of HACCP regulations in beverage preparation and service, in the course of their work communicate independently with guests in Slovene and two foreign languages, observing the principles of successful communication, independently advise guests on the selection of drinks and beverages using technical terminology in Slovene and two foreign languages and applying the skills of a good salesperson, autonomously prepare and serve mixed bar drinks in accordance with work quality standards and the rules of the profession, autonomously serve spirits, liqueurs, wines,  aromatised wines, sparkling wines, beers,  autonomously serve non-alcoholic drinks and hot and  cold beverages,  autonomously serve snacks, desserts and tobacco  products,  autonomously prepare and clean the bar and accessories.  ...

    Category: Qualifications Location: Slovenia
  5. Knjigovodja/ Knjigovodkinja

    Candidates will be able to: plan own work and prepare the work place in accordance with instructions, ensure the quality and efficiency of work in accordance with instructions and protect business secrets, make rational use of energy, material and time, protect health and the environment, develop entrepreneurial characteristics, skills and behaviour, cooperate with internal and external users of accounting information, use modern information and communication technologies and software tools, observe the relevant laws and regulations and work instructions, plan and organise bookkeeping, keep books of accounts, collect and collate accounting data, enter business events into the books, produce accounting statements, deliver and display accounting data, archive accounting documents and books of account, supervise the bookkeeping process. ...

    Category: Qualifications Location: Slovenia
  6. Procesničar/procesničarka v proizvodnji farmacevtskih učinkovin

    The candidate: plans, prepares, performs and controls own work, makes rational use of energy, material and time in accordance with technological standards, procedures and norms, protects health and the environment, communicates with co-workers, prepares and batches raw materials, carries out the biosynthetic fermentation process, carries out the isolation and/or drying process, manages and controls an automated line in chemical synthesis, packages products, carries out storage between phases. ...

    Category: Qualifications Location: Slovenia
  7. Avtoservisni tehnik/avtoservisna tehnica

    The holder of the certificate is qualified to: control the function of various engines by using diagnostic devices; systematically search and localise errors or malfunctions and methodically diagnose the state of the vehicle by using measuring tools and devices; test vehicles, set them in accordance with the manufacturers’ technical specifications, eliminate functional errors in engines; use specialist terminology, process data in order to acquire information, manage service documentation; study and use technical and technological documentation as well as technical plans and instructions issued by manufacturers; maintain and service mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic, electric and electronic systems, devices and sections; control and assess the level of tear and wear as well as usefulness of parts, while considering optimum function, and select procedures or repair technology; plan economically justified operations on a vehicle, prepare calculations and calculate the cost of repair or operations on vehicles; install, maintain and repair comfort, safety and information systems as well as additional equipment for vehicles; provide advice for customers in selecting or purchasing vehicles and explain the necessary repair and maintenance work to them; assess the scope and type of damage on vehicles, localise and eliminate errors; implement and ensure health and occupational safety as well as environment protection measures; Optional: Motor vehicle electronic systems: diagnose the function of electric and electronic de ...

    Category: Qualifications Location: Slovenia
  8. Turistični informator/turistična informatorka

    The candidate: plans, prepares, carries out and controls own work, makes rational use of energy, material and time, protects health and the environment, develops entrepreneurial characteristics, skills and behaviour, uses information and communication technologies, communicates with co-workers, experts, clients and business partners, communicates with clients actively in one foreign language and passively in two foreign languages, presents local communities, regions and countries in tourist promotional activities, provides advice during the selection of vacation destinations, products and other related elements, carries out promotions to attract guests and business partners, develops informative materials for the needs of tourist information centres, provides clients promotional and informative materials, and performs statistical and analytical work. ...

    Category: Qualifications Location: Slovenia
  9. Operater/operaterka na igralnih avtomatih

    The candidate: plans, prepares and controls own work, communicates with co-workers and clients in the local language and one foreign language, ensures and is liable for the quality of services rendered and work performed, performs work in accordance with occupation health and safety regulations, reviews the status of gaming machines in a casino or gaming hall, provides advice to clients on the use of gaming machines, pays out cash winnings based on relevant documents, pays out cash winnings via a control system at the gaming machine cashier’s desk, and monitors the functioning of gaming machines and corrects minor malfunctions on gaming machines. ...

    Category: Qualifications Location: Slovenia
  10. Gozdarski žičničar/gozdarska žičničarka

    Candidates are able to: organise, work and monitor work within the group in a working environment according to the work quality standards in forestry, operate cable yarders, equipment, materials, energy and time responsibly and economically, ensure their safety and the safety of others involved in the work process and protect the environment, communicate with various stakeholders taking into account the principles of efficient communication, use modern ICT as required in forestry, prepare yarders for harvesting and route the cable yarding on the map and on site, carry out tree felling of marked trees, climb trees and supports and mount skyline supports, handle wire ropes, assemble and disassemble a cable yarder, carry out harvesting with the yarder, carry out ongoing maintenance of the yarder and work equipment. ...

    Category: Qualifications Location: Slovenia