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The European Qualifications Framework (EQF) is a translation tool that helps communication and comparison between qualifications systems in Europe. Its eight common European reference levels are described in terms of learning outcomes: knowledge, skills and competences. This allows any national qualifications systems, national qualifications frameworks (NQFs) and qualifications in Europe to relate to the EQF levels. Learners, graduates, providers and employers can use these levels to understand and compare qualifications awarded in different countries and by different education and training systems.

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Qualifications that are part of national qualifications framework are listed on this page. You can scroll down to find all information. Filter by Subject Field, EQF level and Location and you will find more detailed information on qualifications, and a link to the national database. The qualifications are part of national qualifications frameworks that have formally referenced to the EQF

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  1. Okoljevarstveni tehnik/okoljevarstvena tehnica

    Certificate holders will be able to: use specialist literature, technical and technological documentation and technical regulations, standards and legislation governing environmental protection, use modern ICT to find, evaluate, save, process and use information, prepare documentation for the acquisition of environmental and other permits; use project documentation and technical documentation, manage environmental protection technologies, carry out simple analyses of samples of various materials, water and soil, plan and organise the work of a team and keep various records, (elective) plan, organise and manage parts of landfills and handle hazardous waste correctly, implement basic measurements in the field of water management and monitor and ensure parameters in water supply systems, carry out basic laboratory tests in the treatment and discharge of waste water and monitor and ensure parameters in the process of waste water treatment, collect data and prepare background documentation for spatial planning and town planning, industrial infrastructure and remediation of the impacts of mining activity, take soil samples for the needs of laboratory analysis and use geographic information systems, keep records of waste, sources of pollution, and energy consumption and keep a treatment plant operating log, carry out measurements and monitor air pollution and keep records of the operation and maintenance of combustion plants and flue ducts. Certificate holders build on their key vocational knowledge and abilities with ...

    Category: Qualifications Location: Slovenia
  2. Prometnik/prometnica v cestnem prometu

    Candidates will be able to: plan and organise their own work and the work of others, make rational use of energy, material and time, receive and analyse various information and technical documentation, select drivers for the transport of goods and supervise and ensure provision of goods transport, draw up a plan of drivers and vehicles, plan passenger transport services and supervise and ensure implementation of passenger transport, manage accounting and transport documentation and keep various records, record damage, accidents and irregularities and send vehicles for scheduled technical inspections, communicate with management, co-workers and drivers, use information and communication technologies, protect health and the environment. ...

    Category: Qualifications Location: Slovenia
  3. Tehnik varovanja/tehnica varovanja

    Certificate holders will be able to: assess security situations (threat assessment) and discreetly provide security in the field of the protection of property, persons and structures; prepare and draw up relevant documentation for the provision of a security service; provide advice on the addressing and elimination of security weaknesses and problems; use modern forms and methods of technical security such as protection of data, documentation, computer centres, production technologies; perform security and reception work in various institutions and environments (e.g. nursery school, school, hospital, theatre, old people's home); implement fire protection measures and take action in the event of fire, natural disaster or other disaster; use equipment, installations and other technical security devices and tools; alarms, fire safety and other security installations; plan technical security systems for structures, buildings, immovable property, movable objects; shops, areas of special security importance (courts, airports, stores of hazardous substances); implement simple procedures in the exercise of powers, use self-defence skills and physical force; provide urgent first aid; work in a group, establish contacts with people, communicate and resolve problems, work with data and material; act responsibly and ethically in relation to co-workers, partners and those with whom they are conducting procedures, and in particular in relation to the more vulnerable (disabled people, minors, pregnant women, elderly people); ...

    Category: Qualifications Location: Slovenia
  4. Graver/graverka

    Candidates will be able to: plan and organise own work; ensure the quality and efficiency of own work in the working environment in accordance with standards; use time, material and energy in a rational manner; protect health and the environment; develop enterprise characteristics, skills and behaviour; communicate with customers and co-workers; use computer equipment and software; manufacture, maintain and repair engraving products. ...

    Category: Qualifications Location: Slovenia
  5. Podčastnik oklepnih enot/podčastnica oklepnih enot

    Candidates will be able to: plan, prepare, carry out and check own work and the work of their unit, protect life, health and the environment, communicate with co-workers and the environment and work in teams, use information and communication technologies, protect the confidentiality of military information, prepare personal equipment, crew-served weapons and technical equipment, handle and maintain personal weapons and equipment, carry out tasks in international military operations and protection and rescue missions and carry out security tasks, handle the equipment of a section and platoon and direct the fire of a subordinate unit or weapons system, direct and command an armoured vehicle and other temporary groups or platoons, supervise the work of subordinates, lead a small tactical unit or special group, organise and maintain weapons, ammunition, mines and other explosive devices, and other material and technical resources. ...

    Category: Qualifications Location: Slovenia
  6. Vojak specialist-izvidnik nuklearno-radiološko-kemično-biološke obrambe (nrkbo)/vojakinja specialistka – izvidnica nuklearno-radiološko-kemično-biološke obrambe (nrkbo)

    Candidates will be able to: plan, prepare, carry out and check own work, make rational use of energy, material and time, protect life, health and the environment, communicate with co-workers and the environment and work in teams, prepare personal equipment and technical equipment, participate in international military operations and protection and rescue missions and provide security, handle personal weapons, NRCB equipment and other equipment, maintain weapons, ammunition, mines and other explosive devices, and other material and technical resources, handle systems, resources and equipment for NRCB observation/scouting, implement NRCB protection procedures and ensure survival, implement NRCB observation and scouting tasks in a section/group, carry out NRCB detection and identification, implement NRCB and meteorological observation and reporting, carry out RCB sampling and RCB decontamination. ...

    Category: Qualifications Location: Slovenia
  7. Oblikovalec kovin-orodjar SI/oblikovalka kovin-orodjarka SI

    Certificate holders will be able to:  carry out various manual and mechanical processes for cutting, forming and joining metallic and non-metallic materials;  manufacture products, change tools and workpieces and set technological parameters on conventional and CNC machines;  carry out hot and cold forming processes with an emphasis on sheet metal, profiles and pipes; select the appropriate material, machine tool and machining process with regard to the requirements of the product;  select or order the appropriate cutting tool and equipment for a machine tool;  use the measuring and control devices, tools and machines that are used in the manufacture and assembly of structures;  use appropriate measuring devices to take technical and technological measurements;  assemble, protect and maintain steel structures;  plan, assemble, connect and operate simple control systems and work processes or systems;  produce, read and understand simple technical documentation;  implement protective measures for safe work and actively protect own health;  show a positive attitude towards measures to reduce pollution, improve protection of the environment and promote the rational use of energy and materials;  use modern information technology and user software in their occupational field (word processor and spreadsheets, email, control software for machines, diagnostic devices, monitoring of production/work); - demonstrate understanding of the role of entrepreneurship, cost control and calculations; (elective): manufacture simple ...

    Category: Qualifications Location: Slovenia
  8. Računalnikar SI/računalnikarica SI

    Certificate holders will be able to: • use computer software to formulate, prepare and archive basic documents and documentation according to prescribed instructions; • carry out basic maintenance on electrical and communications installations; • install and test the functioning of operating systems and peripherals; • install, test and update standard software according to instructions; • archive and protect databases; Elective: Advanced hardware maintenance: • monitor operation, carry out ongoing maintenance of computer components and peripherals, eliminate minor faults and organise the elimination of major faults by outside contractors; • operate AV, projection and video conferencing devices; • record, encode and store sound, pictures and video in digital format; • manage and implement a control system using programmable devices; Advanced software maintenance: • plan and create simple programs; • apply known solutions in new cases; • connect computer systems to local networks and online networks, create user accounts and assign user privileges; • ensure security in local computer networks. The programme is adapted for provision in Slovene as the language of instruction in the ethnically mixed area of Slovenian Istria and also has the following special objectives: • to develop communication skills in Italian and Slovene, • to develop knowledge of the natural, cultural and historical heritage of the Italian national community and its mother nation, • to teach respect for and understanding of ethnic ...

    Category: Qualifications Location: Slovenia
  9. Steklar/steklar

    Certificate-holders will be able to: prepare glass mixtures according to a recipe, carry out basic processing techniques in glassmaking, make and finish glass products, Elective: make simple hand-blown glass products, carry out machine blowing, pressing and casting of glass, hand-make various shapes from melted glass, grind simple patterns into flat and curved glass, paint designs made up of basic elements on flat and hollow glass and ceramics, carry out basic processes of treatment of flat glass (cutting, polishing edges and facets, fusion), make more complex hand-blown glass products, make simple glass products over an open flame using a variety of techniques, make simple laboratory elements, grind various patterns into glass of various shapes and sizes, carry out sanding at one or more depths using various abrasive media, paint more complex designs using various painting techniques, plan and make a glassware product or collection using a combination of glass-decorating techniques, glaze elements of exterior and interior equipment, make glass partitions, bend and temper glass, carry out basic repairs to interior and exterior glasswork, frame paintings and tapestries, carry out simple restorations to glassware. Certificate holders build on their key vocational knowledge and abilities with key general knowledge in line with national standards. ...

    Category: Qualifications Location: Slovenia
  10. Papirniški tehnolog/papirniška tehnologinja

    Candidates will be able to: plan and organise their own work and the work of a team, introduce new workers to their jobs, ensure the quality and efficiency of work in the working environment in accordance with standards, manage raw materials, materials, energy and time economically and guide co-workers to do the same, protect health and the environment implement and observe the instructions, legislation and requirements for ensuring safe work and the protection of the environment and property, provide for a stimulating working atmosphere through suitable methods of communication with co-workers in the company, use modern information and communication Technologies and visualisation of the production process, organise and supervise a working group in the production process, organise and supervise the preparation of fibres, paper matter and coating matter, supervise the operation of machinery and equipment for the manufacture and coating of paper and cardboard, supervise the operation of machinery for paper finishing and processing of paper into hygienic products, supervise the quality of semi-finished and finished products and take action in the event of deviations from standards, allocate clear targets and with co-workers monitor the achievement of targets by individual machines. ...

    Category: Qualifications Location: Slovenia