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  1. Master of Business Administration

    The MBA programme was especially developed for students with a Bachelor degree in a non-economical field who wish to supplement their specialist knowledge with a generalist business expertise. In addition to offering a thorough understanding of applied economics, the MBA also focuses on the development of leadership qualities such as motivational and communication skills. In this four-semester programme, you will take an in-depth look at issues relating to strategic management and sharpen your understanding of the different operative areas such as finance, law, human resources and marketing as well as international relations. Partial recognition of course modules and/or admission to postgraduate programmes can be equested in accordance with the VAE (validation des acquis de l‘expérience, acknowledgement of prior learning). ...

    Provider NameISEC (Institut Supérieur de l'Economie) Luxembourg

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Luxembourg
  2. Bachelor of Arts Business Administration

    Das berufsbegleitende Bachelor-Studium Business Administration qualifiziert Sie praxisnah für alle Aufgabenbereiche eines Unternehmens. Als Absolvent des Bachelor-Studiengangs Business Administration sind Sie mit Ihrem wirtschaftswissenschaftlichen Gesamtverständnis gefragt. Ziel des Studiums ist die Vermittlung von betriebs- und volkswirtschaftlichen Kenntnissen und die Aneigung wissenschaftlicher Arbeitsmethoden. Der Aufbau des Studiums gliedert sich in ein Grundstudium, in dem Sie wesentliche Begriffe und Theorien der Betriebswirtschaftslehre und Volkswirtschaftslehre erlernen. Eine Teilweise Anerkennung von Studienmodulen kann gemäss VAE (Validation des acquis de l'expérience, Anerkennung beruflicher Erfahrungen) beantragt werden.  ...

    Provider NameISEC (Institut Supérieur de l'Economie) Luxembourg

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Luxembourg
  3. International Sport Management (B.A.)

    The degree program in International Sports Management prepares you for the tasks professional sports managers face in a global context. As a graduate of the International Sports Management (B.A.) program, you work at the interface between sports and business. By approaching the demands and challenges of the field in a reflective manner, you can ensure the success of your institution. As a graduate of the program you are the ideal expert for leading companies and sports organizations with clear strategies. You may take on managerial positions in clubs, confederations, and businesses and are crucial in contributing to sustainable development within such organizations. The bachelor's degree contains practical course content in the fields of economics, management and sports. In addition to an introduction to academic research, the course develops students' knowledge of corporate governance, finance, marketing, media and communications, and sports law. Practical internships reinforce the theoretical knowledge and prepare students for the research work involved in their bachelor‘s thesis. ...

    Provider NameLUNEX University

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Luxembourg
  4. Jack Welch MBA with Internship

    The MBA with an internship program offers students with little or no experience the opportunity to work in a professional environment using newly acquired skills from the course work. The MBA is structured around 8 core courses and 3 electives, giving students the opportunity to focus on area of interest to them such as management or finance. The programs are designed for ambitious individuals wishing to pursue their professional activities while acquiring a graduate degree. Foundation courses may be required if you have no academic background in management, economics/ statistics. Each of the two foundation courses is worth 3 academic credits and requires 36 hours of class contact (3x12 hours of class contact ). ...

    Provider NameSacred Heart University (SHU) - Jack Welch College of Business

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Luxembourg
  5. BA (Hons.) Business Studies

    Students receive a strong foundation of basic concepts and analytical techniques in accounting, finance, management, marketing, and communication. Students learn to understand business situations within a broad context and to use this knowledge to design rational and creative solutions. Problems, cases, and simulations expose students to actual situations in which the student has to make managerial decisions. Although the BA Program prepares students for employment after graduation, the primary goal of a UNITED BUSINESS INSTITUTES education is to prepare the graduate to deal with a lifetime of intellectual and professional evolution. A continuing effort is made to stimulate the students in reaching their full potential, and the positive values of ambition and leadership are constantly stressed. ...

    Provider NameUnited Business Institutes

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Luxembourg
  6. Full-Time MBA Program

    The program is ideal for experienced professional looking to expand their knowledge, skills and international experience by starting this 1-year program in Luxembourg. Upon the completion of this program, candidates will have opportunities to continue their careers in Luxembourg, or will use Luxembourg as their European base from which they can plan international careers. LSB Full-Time MBA program has an innovative and efficient format, which allows the students to use the weekdays for studying and working on assignments, while weekends (Fridays evening and Saturdays) are dedicated to face-to-face classes with our faculty members. ...

    Provider NameLuxembourg School of Business (LSB)

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Luxembourg
  7. Classe Préparatoire aux Grandes Ecoles Françaises (CPGE)- EC

    Dans la continuité directe de l’enseignement secondaire luxembourgeois, la classe préparatoire forme les élèves au passage des concours d’entrée des 39 Grandes Écoles de commerce et de management en France. Les matières enseignées sont les suivantes: économie, sociologie et histoire du monde contemporain; culture générale (français et philosophie); langues vivantes étrangères (allemand et anglais); mathématiques et informatique. Les étudiants qui ne réussiraient pas à intégrer une Grande Ecole ou qui abandonneraient leurs études en classe préparatoire à l’issue de la première année, peuvent bénéficier des crédits universitaires et peuvent ainsi poursuivre leur cursus universitaire, quel que soit le pays européen souhaité, les contenus des deux années de classe préparatoire étant reconnus comme relevant de l’enseignement supérieur. ...

    Provider NameLycée Classique d'Echternach

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Luxembourg
  8. BTS- Gestion d'Entreprise et Dévelopement Durable

    Ce BTS, axé sur la gestion, permettra aux élèves ayant suivi une voie technique de diversifier leur formation dans un environnement ouvert aux idées nouvelles.Le programme de formation « BTS – Gestion d’entreprises et Développement durable » prépare à la fonction de gestionnaire responsable du point de vue économique, environnemental et social.Le BTS vise la formation de candidats responsables, critiques, engagés et plurilingues (anglais, français et allemand) pouvant agir dans l‘entreprise de manière polyvalente. Sont particulièrement mises en évidence leurs aptitudes de communiquer, analyser, organiser, responsabiliser et de gérer. Le programme de formation comprend une partie théorique sous forme de cours au lycée, une partie pratique réalisée sous forme de stage en entreprise, un mémoire de stage, des interventions externes ainsi qu’une partie reprenant des formations externes et visites.Le programme du « BTS – Gestion d’entreprises et Développement durable » se concentre sur 5 dominantes : le concept de développement durable et ses enjeux, la communication, la gestion, le marketing, le droit national et européen. Les jeunes diplômés pourront, entre autres, rejoindre des équipes dans les domaines suivants : le développement durable, la gestion de projets, le marketing, les ressources humaines, l’achat ou la vente. ...

    Provider NameLycée Technique d'Ettelbruck

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Luxembourg
  9. Master of Science in Banking and Finance- Part Time Format

    The part-time format requires a 24 months of part-time study.   It is therefore suitable for professionals seeking to study while continuing their career. Classes take place in full- or half-day sessions Thursday, Friday and Saturday, or Friday and Saturday, every second week of months in which there are classes.  Some months will have fewer classes due to exams, university and school holidays, events and other factors. This master offers a comprehensive curriculum encompassing both classic and more recent areas of the finance discipline as well as the principal functions of banking. It is structured into five components: Core courses, Stream courses, Elective courses, an academic week-in-residence, a master thesis and Elective Practical courses. All part-time students spend a residential academic week at a leading business school where they follow a tailor-made programme based on courses already followed, and intended to deepen their understanding of specific financial topics. The current location of the Academic Week-in-Residence is New York University, Stern School of Business, New York. Part-time students are required to present a Master’s Thesis on a subject of their choice related to banking or finance. The subject must be approved by the advising faculty member. Students may also choose to replace the Master Thesis by taking three additional courses.   ...

    Provider NameLuxembourg School of Finance of the University of Luxembourg

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Luxembourg
  10. Doctoral School in Economics and Finance

    The Doctoral School in Economics and Finance aims at providing doctoral candidates with a high-caliber research environment meeting the standards of the best universities in Europe and North America. The doctoral candidates will focus on developing their ability to cope with new, original research questions and address them with up-to-date quantitative tools and methods. The two research programs cover the following topics: Economics, focusing on regional development, economic integration, environment policies, international economics, macro finance, macroeconomic growth and dynamics. Finance, focusing on quantitative finance, risk management and financial governance, corporate finance, behavioral finance, law and finance, Islamic finance. The Ph.D. combines research work and customised courses, enabling the Ph.D. student to acquire advanced academic knowledge and a range of generic skills. The DSEF programme offers specific courses for PhD student. ...

    Provider NameUniversité du Luxembourg

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Luxembourg