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  1. Postgraduate Studies Programme in "Visual Arts".Department of Fine Arts. Faculty of Fine Arts.Athens School of Fine Arts.

    The Postgraduate Studies Programme in Visual Arts (“V.A. P.S.P.”) was created to respond to the needs for a prolongation of the undergraduate studies of Athens School of Arts’s Department of Visual Arts. The need for the programme’s creation as well as its structure was defined by the social, political and economic conditions, the growing needs and requirements in creative professions, the artistic multilingualism, the accumulation of a great volume of information and the absence of a graduate programme focusing on art. Some of the goals and the objectives of the programme are as follows: It enables continuity on specific research issues acting as a place of expression, held at the building of the master in Visual Arts, which was specifically set up for this purpose. It provides teaching and counseling, giving the students feedback and getting them participate actively in the teaching process within working groups, a delicate and critical process full of particular challenges. Furthermore, in discussion forums, students become more and more able to express themselves with a firm stand and an open scope for questioning and doubting. It disposes of practical and technical resources and it offers guidance on a wide range of creative media. Students develop to a great extent the ability to follow independent research and to express their ideas in writing through the understanding of historical, theoretical and philosophical approaches on art. It organises a high-quality research in Fine Arts, favoring interdiscipli ...

    Provider NameFaculty of Fine Arts.Athens School of Fine Arts.

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Greece
  2. Undergraduate Studies Programme of Department of Fine Arts. Faculty of Fine Arts. Athens School of Fine Arts.

    The purpose of the undergraduate program is the practical and theoretical training of artists - researchers. In this regard, the students follow a curriculum that includes a set of studio courses on artistic creation with the help of traditional and modern means, and offers, among others, a variety of theoretical courses on history and philosophy of art, on the relationship between visual arts and architecture, or on art education. ...

    Provider NameDepartment of Fine Arts. Faculty of Fine Arts. Athens School of Fine Arts.

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Greece