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Learning Opportunity: Computer Science

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Computer Science

Course Information

The master’s programme in Computer Science is intended to provide scientifically oriented education, enhancing theory, subject knowledge and practical knowledge in computer science.
Compulsory module group Basics (12 ECTS credits): a.) PAP – Parallel Architectures and Programming model, b.) ASE - Advanced Software Engineering; Compulsory module group Practical Training (18 ECTS credits): Compulsory module Academic working (6 ECTS credits); Alternative compulsory module groups Specialisations (54 ECTS credits each): a.) Specialisation in Scientific Computing, b.) Specialisation in Data Science, c.) Specialisation in Computer Science. Students have to choose 9 elective modules from at least 6 of these elective module groups: 1. Elective module group Algorithms, 2. Elective module group Data Analysis, 3. Elective module group Parallel Computing, 4. Elective module group Internet Computing & Software Technology, 5. Elective module group Computer Graphics, 6. Elective module group Multimedia, 7. Elective module group Networks, 8. Elective module group Information Management & Systems Engineering. Master’s thesis with 30 ECTS credits: a.) master’s thesis, 27 ECTS credits, b.) master’s examination and defence, 3 ECTS credits

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Computer Science
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4 Semester / 120 ECTS*


4 Semester / 120 ECTS*

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Universität Wien

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Master of Science, MSc