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Learning Opportunity: Pedagogy of Pre-School Education and Pre-Primary Education

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Pedagogy of Pre-School Education and Pre-Primary Education

Course Information

Objective(s) of a study programme:
The aim of the study programme is to provide students with university pedagogical education, giving an opportunity to work educational work of a broad profile in pre-school and pre-primary education institutions and ensure the continuity of education of pupils of that age. A person, having acquired Bachelor’s degree in Education and professional qualification of a pedagogue, obtains philosophical, managerial, social, pedagogical, medical knowledge, special and general competences in child-oriented institutional and non-institutional education, is able to prognosticate, model education, work with parents, society and prepare a child for school.
Learning outcomes:
Having acquired Bachelor’s qualification degree in the pedagogy of pre-primary education and qualification of a pedagogue the graduates:
- will understand meanings of childhood phenomenology in postmodern community by applying philosophical, sociological, psychological, ethnological and cultural approaches;
- will know the peculiarities of general and individual development of pre-school and pre-primary school children, features of maturity, factors and conditions of socialization, will be able to identify individual and social development of a child, his/her educational needs;
- will be familiar with learning experience of pre-school and pre-primary school children of Western Europe and the world, will critically reflect on them and evaluate them, will creatively and purposefully integrate then into the practice of Lithuanian pre-school and pre-primary education.
- will know the methods of child’s cognition, will be able to apply then in a complex and systemic way in the processes of their welfare, identification of learning potential and progress, projecting the perspective of integral development and personalization of education;
- will be familiar with the peculiarities developmental / socio-cultural development (mental, social, cultural) of various groups of children and children with special educational needs, will be able to identify them and provide favourable conditions for the implementation of the system of open education in cultural variety;
- will model, create and will be constantly improving the content of pre-school and pre-primary education in accordance with the requirements of general standards of programmes and education as well as other documents regulating the content of studies, the needs, cognitive style and culture of each child, choosing purposefully and applying the strategies and technologies of children education, implementing the contemporary innovations and quality requirements of children education;
- will understand and critically reflect on the significance of interdisciplinary relationships to the development of professional pedagogical worldview, will apply interdisciplinary knowledge of education, psychology, sociology, management, economics, law, technologies, mathematics, natural and other sciences in a constructive and integral way to implement the content of education qualitatively;
- will know the basic principles of planning the process of pre-school and pre-primary education, its effective organization, performance evaluation and self-evaluation, will be able to control its quality by applying innovative models of evaluation to guarantee quality improvement;
- will provide support for children, group of children, family members in education of a child and other spheres of child’s life, ensuring the rights of children to quality education and safe environment;
- will acquire analytic research competences and will base the improvement of educational practice on them;
- will implement the strategies of effective collaboration with the family, children and institutions concerned about children education, fostering, health care, protection of child’s rights, applying work in groups and teams;
- will develop their moral attitude to become a creative, educated, dignified, ethically an

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Minimum education - Secondary



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Siauliai University
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Provider phone number: +370-41-595800 Provider email: all@cr.su.lt Provider URL: http://www.su.lt

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Qualification Awarded:
Bachelor of Pedagogy of Pre-Primary Education
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Siauliai University

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Provider phone number: +370-41-595800 Provider email: all@cr.su.lt Provider URL: http://www.su.lt

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Vilniaus g. 88, Šiauliai