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Moving to a country to study

Moving to a country to study

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The education system in Croatia includes different levels: preschool education; primary education; secondary education; higher education and adult education. 

Preschool education for children aged six months until the beginning of primary school. 

Primary education begins with enrolment in the first grade of primary school; it is compulsory for all children and normally lasts from seven until fifteen years of age. A system of primary adult...

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Croatian education system is centrally managed by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports (MSES). Besides MSES, other national public bodies involved in the regulation, development and quality control of the educational sector in Croatia are Education and Teacher Training Agency, Agency for Vocational Education and Training, Agency for Science and Higher Education, Agency for Mobility and EU Programmes and National Center for External Evaluation of Education.

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EURES pomaže radnicima prijeći granice

EURES – Europska služba za zapošljavanje suradnička je mreža osnovana kako bi se olakšalo slobodno kretanje radnika unutar Europskog gospodarskog prostora, a uključena je i Švicarska. Partneri u mreži javne su službe za zapošljavanje, sindikati i udruženja poslodavaca. Mrežom koordinira Europska komisija.

Category:Moving to a country

Category:Moving to a country

Tuition fees for study programmes in Croatia are determined by each higher education institution. The level of tuition fees depends on the type of study programme and its duration. It is therefore important that prospective students directly contact the higher education institution they are interested in for precise information about tuition fees.

The range of tuition fees for international undergraduate students varies depending on the higher education institution and field of study...

Category:Moving to a country

Category:Moving to a country

Foreign nationals intending to study in Croatia must regulate their temporary residence for the purpose of studying if their stay in Croatia is longer than 90 days. 

Visa requirements: 

Nationals of countries subject to the visa requirement also need to procure an entry visa for Croatia (Viza C). Information on countries subject to the visa requirement can be found on the web site of the ...

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