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This page provides you with information and links to opportunities to learn or study in another EU country. You can scroll down to find all information. You can filter the results by using the filters on the left.

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  1. Bachelor en sciences et ingénierie- mathématiques

    Each semester, our courses are grouped together into modules. The courses of one of these modules can be chosen freely by each student. This allows our students the freedom to explore other branches of Science related to Mathematics. In addition, our programme provides the students with an opportunity to improve their linguistic proficiency by offering courses in Scientific English. In accordance with the Bologna Process, each semester’s course credits sum up to 30 credits in the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). Entry to the first semester is open to all students who have obtained a Luxembourg secondary school degree or who hold an equivalent foreign degree recognized by the Luxembourg Ministry of Education. Transfer or more advanced students may join the programme at a higher level, but these applications will be considered on an individual basis. Having successfully completed the first four semesters of the programme at the University of Luxembourg, our students spend the fifth semester at a university outside Luxembourg, for instance at one of our partner universities, as is required by Luxembourgish law. Students are assisted in their ‘semester abroad’ through the Erasmus Programme. Students return to the University of Luxembourg for their sixth semester, at which time they must write their Bachelor’s thesis. Upon successful completion of the programme, our students are awarded with the degree “Bachelor académique en Sciences et Ingénierie – Filière Mathématiques”. The students are now prepared to en ...

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