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This page provides you with information and links to opportunities to learn or study in another EU country. You can scroll down to find all information. You can filter the results by using the filters on the left.

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  1. Business and Economics (E)

    “Business and Economics” is the WU’s new and innovative programme giving you a broad understanding of business and economics in a global context. ...

    Provider NameWirtschaftsuniversität Wien

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Austria, Wien
  2. Economics (E)

    The Economics master's program at the WU offers an Applied Track and a Science Track. The majority of students choose the Applied Track as they prepare for careers in government, business or society. The Science Track is designed for students pursuing a career in scientific research. A major feature of the program is the application of rigorous quantitative analysis emphasizing data to a broad range of policy and business issues. ...

    Provider NameWirtschaftsuniversität Wien

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Austria, Wien
  3. Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a specialization in Entrepreneuship, Innovation and Leadership (E)

    Growing businesses need to adapt to environmental and technological changes. This major will prepare students for the challenges of establishing and growing a business in today’s dynamic climate. This major communicates the skills and techniques behind entrepreneurial thought and action, imparting expertise which enables managers and entrepreneurs to make crucial decisions and compete successfully. ...

    Provider NameMODUL University Vienna, Privatuniversität

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Austria, Wien
  4. Banking and Finance (E)

    The aim of the master’s programme in Banking and Finance at the University of Vienna is a solid, well-grounded education in finance, especially in the areas of asset pricing and financial markets, banking and finance intermediation, and in corporate finance. The "core programme" includes the following courses: - Basics of finance - Decisions under uncertainty - Introductory econometrics - Core courses in finance (asset pricing, banking and financial intermediation, corporate finance) - Money and banking - Game theory and information economics In the "business orientation" specialisation students can choose between a specialisation in banking and in corporate finance. In the "science orientation" specialisation students will choose between a specialisation in banking, in corporate finance or in financial markets. ...

    Provider NameUniversität Wien

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Austria, Wien
  5. Digital Business Innovation and Transformation (E)

    The aim of the degree course is to impart the specific “transformation skills” that will enable graduates to manage and accompany digitalisation processes in different “corporate environments”. Graduates will be able to work as change agents for digital transformations in companies. The programme lasts four semesters including the final examinations. Students will acquire additional foreign language skills and the necessary technical vocabulary in the English-taught master’s degree programme. This will enable them to work in an international environment. Students will select the topic for their master’s thesis at the end of the second semester. ...

    Provider NameIMC Fachhochschule Krems GmbH

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Austria, Niederösterreich
  6. Business Management

    Dieses Weiterbildungsangebot richtet sich an Personen, die bereits in der Agrar- und Ernährungsbranche tätig sind, eine Leitungsfunktion innehaben oder in Zukunft übernehmen wollen und an Personen, die selber ein Unternehmen gründen bzw. sich im Bereich General Management weiterbilden möchten. Durch den Masterlehrgang verbessern die Absolvent/innen die eigenen Kompetenzen im Bereich des Managements und der Unternehmensführung und lernen das fachspezifische Wissen auch an Dritte weitergeben. ...

    Provider NameHochschule für Agrar- und Umweltpädagogik Wien

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Austria, Wien
  7. Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a specialization in Sustainable Management and Governance (E)

    The MBA program concentrates on strategic analysis and planning, interdisciplinary skills, value-based management, and critical thinking. It builds these skills upon a solid foundation of core business disciplines including human resource management, organizational behavior, accounting and finance, marketing and operations, and innovation and entrepreneurship. Gaining access to an influential network of established professors and industry experts, participants not only acquire profound insights into general management but also have the opportunity to specialize in a specific field or industry. ...

    Provider NameMODUL University Vienna

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Austria, Wien
  8. Accounting, Auditing and Taxation

    The study programme Accounting, Auditing and Taxation deals with theories, methods and instruments of managerial accounting and controlling, financial accounting, auditing and business taxation. The master programme Accounting, Auditing and Taxation is divided into the compulsory modules research methods, managerial accounting, auditing, business taxation, managerial decision-making and accounting in organisations, the social and organisational context of accounting and the defence of the master thesis. Students can specialise in the course of their studies. The first specialisation is to be chosen from the elective modules basic problems of managerial accounting, international auditing standards and assurance services and tax planning and taxation. The second specialisation is to be chosen from the elective modules managerial accounting and development capacity, accounting and audit, and determination of taxable income and tax statement policy. Moreover, students have to choose an additional elective module. At the end of the degree programme a master thesis from one of the topics of the compulsory or elective modules is to be written. ...

    Provider NameUniversität Innsbruck

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Austria, Tirol
  9. Entrepreneurship & Innovation

    Das Studium prägt das innovative Denken und verantwortungsvolle unternehmerische Verhalten in realen Projekten: Im Rahmen des Studiums haben Sie die Möglichkeit, Businesspläne und Geschäftsmodelle umzusetzen, ein reales Startup zu gründen und es im Markt weiterzuentwickeln. ...

    Provider NameNew Design University Privatuniversität GesmbH

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Austria, Niederösterreich
  10. Sports Medicine, Health Toursim and Leisure Sciences

    Ein Fokus des Dissertationsangebots liegt in der Alpin- und Höhenmedizin. Ergänzt wird das Doktorat-Studium mit Forschungsprojekten aus dem Gesundheitstourismus und den Freizeitwissenschaften, welche in Kooperation mit der Universität Innsbruck, vertreten durch Prof. Mike Peters, Institut für Strategisches Management, Marketing und Tourismus, durchgeführt werden. ...

    Provider NameTiroler Privatuniversität UMIT

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Austria, Tirol