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This page provides you with information and links to opportunities to learn or study in another EU country. You can scroll down to find all information. You can filter the results by using the filters on the left.

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  1. Abipagar

    https://enda.ehis.ee/avalik/avalik/oppekava/OppekavaOtsi.faces?kood=134787 ...

    Provider NameIda-Virumaa Kutsehariduskeskus

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Estonia
  2. Abipagar

    https://enda.ehis.ee/avalik/avalik/oppekava/OppekavaOtsi.faces?kood=135417 ...

    Provider NameRakvere Ametikool

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Estonia
  3. Abipagar

    https://enda.ehis.ee/avalik/avalik/oppekava/OppekavaOtsi.faces?kood=134964 ...

    Provider NameTallinna Teeninduskool

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Estonia
  4. Abipagar

    https://enda.ehis.ee/avalik/avalik/oppekava/OppekavaOtsi.faces?kood=130064 ...

    Provider NameTartu Kutsehariduskeskus

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Estonia
  5. Advanced Materials Science (E)

    The field of Advanced Materials Science deals with the (further) development, characterisation and application of materials. The development of new materials can be regarded as a foundation on which to open up future-oriented applications. The master’s programme is divided up into four semesters and includes the following general compulsory subjects: integrative laboratory materials, solid state physics, materials sciences, nuclear physics and quantum mechanics, applied chemistry, analytical chemistry, selection of materials, production and processing processes, characterisation of materials, physical properties of materials (1st and 2nd semester). As of the second semester students will choose their specialised elective courses, which include metallic and ceramic materials (ductility, original and deformation processes, functional materials), semiconductor process engineering and nanotechnology (physics of the semiconductor parts, surface chemistry, nanostructures and nanotechnology) as well as polymer sciences and plastics engineering (macromolecular materials, nanostructures in polymers, modern polymer characterisation). Students will be supported in undertaking a study period abroad. Students have to write a master's thesis. The study programme concludes with a master’s examination before a board of examiners. ...

    Provider NameTechnische Universität Graz in Kooperation mit der Universität Graz

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Austria, Steiermark
  6. Advanced Materials Science (E)

    The degree programme is a strongly interdisciplinary programme dealing with materials and their properties. Students will get an advanced education in an area of specialisation of their choice. Students may choose one of the following areas of specialisation: “Metals and Ceramics“, “Semiconductor Processing and Nanotechnology” or “Biobased Materials”. ...

    Provider NameUniversität Graz in Kooperation mit der TU Graz

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Austria, Steiermark
  7. Aedviljatöötleja

    https://enda.ehis.ee/avalik/avalik/oppekava/OppekavaOtsi.faces?kood=134677 ...

    Provider NameOlustvere Teenindus- ja Maamajanduskool

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Estonia

    AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERING (AGROINDUSTRIJSKO INŽENјERSTVO) is a four-year Bachelor programme (240ECTS) of academic studies offered by the Faculty of Agriculture in Novi Sad. ...

    Provider NameUniversity of Novi Sad, Faculty of Agriculture

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Serbia
  9. Akademischer Lehrgang Buchgestaltung

    Akademischer Lehrgang Buchgestaltung ...

    Provider NameNew Design University - Privatuniversität der Kreativwirtschaft

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Austria, Niederösterreich
  10. Apparel Technologies and Business

    Students of Clothing Technologies and Business study Philosophy, Foreign Language, Psychology of Communication, Mathematics, Chemistry, Information Technologies, Engineering and Computer Graphics, Human Safety, Sewing Computer-Assisted Projection, Quality Management, Special Painting, Management, Business Economics, Law, Sewing Materials, Sewing Technological Equipment, Clothes Design, Study of Sewing Process, Record of Sewing Production, Sewing Projection, etc. Practical studies last 30 weeks and include: skills formation, projection of garments, projection of suits, industrial, enterprise activity planning and final practice. During these studies students consolidate and improve the skills of sewing projection and production, technologist's job, business organizing abilities, etc. Clothes Technologies and Business study programme is intended for individuals who possess secondary school education and seek to create fashionable clothes. ...

    Provider NameVilnius College

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Lithuania