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NIID.LV publishes information about the learning opportunities offered by Latvian education providers

The database contains detailed information on current learning opportunities:

  • Vocational education on secondary level
  • Higher education
  • Adult training (formal and informal)
  • Informal courses aimed at children and young people
  • Pre-vocational education in arts and music for school children.

Website also provides other information and services to its users. These include:

NIID.LV E-guidance service

  • On-line self-assessment tests
  • Explanation of educational terms and concepts via contextual menus
  • NIID.LV was launched in 2007 and was developed within an ESF project Fostering provision of career education programmes within education system.

NIID.LV is maintained and managed by State Education Development Agency, Career Guidance Department. State Education Development Agency is an agency of Ministry of Education and Science of Latvia.