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  1. Information Centre for Migrants (Beratungszentrum für Migranten und Migrantinnen)

    Consultancy for migrants and information on employment and residence in Austria. ...

    Category: Moving to a country Location: Austria
  2. Austrian Agency for International Cooperation in Education and Research (OeAD-GmbH)

    The OeAD-GmbH is the Austrian agency for international mobility and cooperation in education, science and research.The OeAD is the central service point for European and international mobility and cooperation programmes in education, science and research.​The OeAD is involved in the following: Administering scholarships and exchange programmes. Offering services for mobility in European and international cooperations. Promoting Austria worldwide as an attractive location for education and research.  ...

    Category: Moving to a country Location: Austria
  3. EURES Living and Working in Austria

    Information on living and working in Austria provided by EURES Austria (2017) ...

    Category: Moving to a country Location: Austria
  4. EUROPASS Austria

    The Europass was established by the European Union to assist European citizens to make their skills and qualifications clearly and easily understood throughout Europe with a portfolio of five documents. 30 European countries are currently participating in the Europass Initiative. The five Europass documents are:Europass Curriculum VitaeEuropass Language PassportEuropass MobilityEuropass Certificate SupplementEuropass Diploma Supplement  ...

    Category: Exchange and Grants Location: Austria
  5. EURES Austria (EURopean Employment Services)

    EURES Austria within the  Public Employment Service Austria provides information on jobs and learning opportunities throughout Europe. ...

    Category: Exchange and Grants Location: Austria
  6. EURES- European Job Mobility Portal

    EURES advisors help to find information on jobs and learning opportunities throughout Europe. ...

    Category: Exchange and Grants Location: Austria
  7. grants.at- Austrian Database for Scholarships and Research Grants

    grants.at is Austria’s biggest online database for scholarships and research grants for all academic areas. Financial support options for students, graduates and researchers range from classical grants and scholarships, allowances and prizes to extensive national, European and international research support programmes.In more than 1,200 entries grants.at offers information aboutFinancial support measures for studying or research for outgoings (Austrians who want to study or pursue research in other countries) and incomings (people who want to come to Austria) andpurely national funding options. ...

    Category: Exchange and Grants Location: Austria
  8. AST- Advisory centre for migrants (Berufsanerkennung in Österreich)

    Prospects - recognition and further training and education advisory centre for new immigrants and individuals entitled to asylum ...

    Category: Recognition of diplomas & qualifications Location: Austria
  9. EURAXESS Austria

    The national EURAXESS Austria network provides information and assistance to mobile researchers. ...

    Category: Moving to a country Location: Austria
  10. NQF-Coordination Point

    The NQF-Coordination Point in Austria is established within the OeAD-GmbH and regulated by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Science, Research and Economics. The NCP is responsible for the formal and content-related verification of the request for the mapping of a qualification to one of the NQF levels and the administrative body for the NQF-process in Austria. ...

    Category: Qualification Frameworks Location: Austria