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The European Qualifications Framework (EQF) is a translation tool that helps communication and comparison between qualifications systems in Europe. Its eight common European reference levels are described in terms of learning outcomes: knowledge, skills and competences. This allows any national qualifications systems, national qualifications frameworks (NQFs) and qualifications in Europe to relate to the EQF levels. Learners, graduates, providers and employers can use these levels to understand and compare qualifications awarded in different countries and by different education and training systems.

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Qualifications that are part of national qualifications framework are listed on this page. You can scroll down to find all information. Filter by Subject Field, EQF level and Location and you will find more detailed information on qualifications, and a link to the national database. The qualifications are part of national qualifications frameworks that have formally referenced to the EQF

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  1. Master's Degree in "Oil & Gas Technology". Department of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering of Technological Education. Faculty of Technological Applications. Technological Educational Institute of Eastern Macedonia & Thrace.

    Knowledge and Understanding Upon successful completion of the program students will be able to:• Demonstrate broad knowledge in the field of Hydrocarbons Engineering;• Become familiar with the content and philosophy of the legal framework of the industry of hydrocarbons, and understand the processes and factors that lead to its development;• Understand the modern global, regional and local issues of Hydrocarbons Engineering;• Acquire the skills and experience necessary for engineers who will lead in the areas of hydrocarbons extraction, processing, storage and exploitation, in efficient and clean energy technologies and rational use of energy;• Develop a balanced perspective on safety and environmental concerns surrounding the industry of Hydrocarbons, offering students a wide range of understanding that will help in making managerial decisions;• Possess the necessary knowledge and insight to be able to engage in decision-making roles in the industry of hydrocarbons;• Have the ability to use cutting-edge software tools for technologies in the fields of Hydrocarbons and Petroleum Engineering;• Are familiar with the procedures followed in the creation of energy, environmental and sustainable policies;• Possess the knowledge base necessary so that they can be approved in professional chambers and associations;• Have the ability to use research results in education, in their professional environment and society. Skills• recognize all stages and classify processes in oil value chain. • estimate reserves based on PRM ...

    Awarding bodyTechnological Educational Institute of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace

    Category: Qualifications Location: Greece
  2. Bachelor's degree in Food Technology. Department of Food Technology. Faculty of Agricultural Τechnology. Technological Educational Institute of Thessaly.

    The learners shall be capable following the completion of their studies a) of having analytical knowledge about the subject of their studies, understand the principles of the subject of Food Technologist, delve into, expand, and increase their acquired knowledge, while understanding the evolutionary dynamics of the field, and b) analyse and adjust the knowledge acquired, in order to implement them in various issues of their scientific field, properly apply the tools and techniques concerning the management of basic issues, resolve composite and/or new problems, and communicate with specialized and unspecialized groups and with the public, with the purpose of conveying information, ideas, problems, and solutions over specific issues, and finally, c) design, manage, and implement research work, take decisions, evaluate them, and undertake the responsibility in modern professional and business environments, which are constantly changing and evolving, while being capable of undertaking, within specific contexts, the responsibility for developing knowledge, skills, and competences of individuals and groups. ...

    Awarding bodyTechnological Educational Institute of Thessaly

    Category: Qualifications Location: Greece
  3. Doctorate in Mechanical Engineering. Department of Mechanical Engineering. Polythechnical School. University of Western Macedonia.

    The issuing of Doctoral dissertations in the Department constitutes an important priority and a procedure for conducting core research. The candidate doctors acquire specialized knowledge over the cognitive subject of the doctoral dissertation and over modern research trends and results for the field in question, and they develop capacities of literature reviewing, writing research reports, and presentation of research results. At the same time, they develop skills over specific methods and tools, experimentally, through calculation or analysis, and they acquire a significant competence in dealing with and investigating research problems. Following the end of the work, it is expected of them to have produced an original, publishable material that includes new results, useful to the scientific community. In order to achieve this, they will have proven that they are thoroughly and expansively knowledgeable about the cognitive field relevant to the issue of their dissertation, while having acquired the competence of conducting a research work with an independent manner. ...

    Awarding bodyUniversity of Western Macedonia

    Category: Qualifications Location: Greece
  4. Doctorate in "Design of Interactive and Industrial Products and Systems". Department of Product and Systems Design Engineering. Faculty of Sciences. University of the Aegean.

    The Department trains candidate doctors who shall be capable of intervening to and developing new knowledge or innovative technologies in fields related to the lifecycle of a product, system, or service. The doctors of the department are capable of: - conducing original research regarding a design problem and creating suitable methodological or technological tools for its resolution; - creatively using various cognitive tools and methodologies from different disciplines in order to conduct innovative research in the field of product and system design; - conducting innovative research which advances science and technology and helps the evolution of the scientific field of product and system design. ...

    Awarding bodyUniversity of the Aegean

    Category: Qualifications Location: Greece
  5. Doctorate in "Financial and Management Engineering". Department of Financial and Management Engineering. Faculty of Business. University of the Aegean.

    Knowledge: Quantitative administration methods, calculative methods for decision taking and optionally, specialisation on knowledge of engineering and positive sciences background. Knowledge regarding the conduct of research at a high scientific level. Skills: Development of original, innovative methods of business research and calculative methods for decision taking in administration and financial applications. Competences: Development of innovative models, approaches, and systems for the effective treatment of complicated, interdisciplinary subjects and problems. Generation of new knowledge in the field of administration, economy and finance. Application with originality of the knowledge acquire on research, analysis, and development of innovative solutions and systems. Learning outcomes: Ability for original research in innovative, complicated problems from the field of engineering sciences, administration science, business research, economics and finance. Development of innovative and effective quantitative and calculative methods for solving the above problems. Development of knowledge with autonomy in the academic and business area. Autonomous responsibility for education and research at the highest level. ...

    Awarding bodyUniversity of the Aegean

    Category: Qualifications Location: Greece
  6. VOCATIONAL SCHOOL (EPAS) CERTIFICATE (PTYCHIO EPAS)- Specialty "Chemical Laboratories and Material Quality Control"

    The holder of an EPAS certificate of this specialty: Knowledge:1. Holds core knowledge about inorganic, organic and environmental chemistry.2. Holds core knowledge on chemical technology, biochemistry and material technology. 3. Holds analytical knowledge about fuels, lubricants, and waste management. 4. Holds applied computer knowledge in the field of chemical laboratories. 5. Holds specialized laboratory knowledge of analytical chemistry, quantitative analysis, biochemistry, and quality control. 6. Describes the chemical laboratory safety, health and environmental protection rules.7. Interprets and applies the regulations and the specifications about quality in chemical laboratories. Skills:1. Organises and performs all technical instructions regarding the operation of a chemical - biochemical laboratory. 2. Takes care for the proper use and maintenance of the laboratory equipment. 3. Prepares the various solutions, necessary for the chemical analyses. 4. Takes care for the sufficiency of consumables. 5. Selects the suitable instruments - devices necessary for the various chemical analyses. 6. Operates the relevant machinery, instruments and devices. 7. Evaluates the quality of fuel and lubricants, using special laboratory devices. 8. Operates special devices for the control and management of wastes and analyses the specifications of wastewater (form, state, etc.). 9. Regulates the accuracy of machinery and of devices.10. Records and evaluates the indications of machinery and devices.11. Prepares, classifies ...

    Awarding bodyMinistry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs

    Category: Qualifications Location: Greece
  7. Natural cosmetics producer

    A person who has acquired this qualification: applies the requirements of natural cosmetics production, extracts plant water, produces natural cosmetics products from vegetable materials, produces natural cosmetics products from animal materials, produces soap, releases natural cosmetics products, produces aromatherapy products, produces perfumery products, produces natural decorative cosmetics. ...

    Awarding bodyVilnius School of Technology, Bussiness and Agriculture

    Category: Qualifications Location: Lithuania
  8. Oil product operator

    A person who has acquired the qualification of oil products operator should: Be able to work safely, use information technologies, take samples of oil products, transport oil and oil products, store oil and oil products, and maintain the auxiliary equipment of reservoir parks.Know the assortment of oil products, the quality requirements for oil products, crude oil, and gas that are traded, the composition of oil products, the harm oil products cause to the environment, and work safety requirements.Be able to work carefully, independently, quickly and responsibly and organize his/her own work. ...

    Category: Qualifications Location: Lithuania
  9. korrózióvédelmi specialista

      A képzés célja olyan speciális ismeretekkel és szemléletmóddal rendelkező specialisták képzése, akik a korábban megszerzett szakképzettségük és felsőfokú szakismeretük birtokában képesek az ipar és a gazdaság különböző területein felmerülő korróziós problémák megoldására.       Elsajátítandó kompetenciák, tudáselemek, megszerezhető ismeretek:   a korrózióvédelem területén az elméleti és gyakorlati ismeretek rendszerezett megértése és elsajátítása; a korrózióvédelemhez kapcsolódó korszerű, szabványos vizsgálati módszerek elméletének és gyakorlatának magas fokú ismerete; a környezetvédelem, minőségügy, műszaki szabályozás alapvető ismeretei; alkalmazói szintű ismeretek a számítógépes kommunikációban, adatgyűjtésben és elemzésben; a felmerülő korróziós problémák korrekt felismerése és javaslat tétel a műszakilag és gazdaságilag optimális megoldásra.   Személyes adottságok, készségek:   problémafelismerő és -megoldó képesség; fejlett műszaki érzék; együttműködő képesség, tolerancia; rugalmasság, kreativitás; a minőség iránti elkötelezettség; rendszerező képesség, stratégiai szintű gondolkodás; képesség az önálló munkavégzésre, ugyanakkor csapatmunkában való részvételre.   A szakképzettség alkalmazása konkrét környezetben, tevékenységrendszerben:   A korrózióvédelmi specialista szakirányú továbbképzési szakon végzettek alkalmasak a különböző korróziós problémák felismerésére és megalapozott állásfoglalás kialakítására, valamint ezen álláspont adekvát kommunikációjára. A nemzetközi szakmai kö ...

    Awarding bodyPannon Egyetem

    Category: Qualifications Location: Hungary
  10. Chemical Engineer

    A képzés célja vegyészmérnökök képzése, akik alkalmasak vegyipari folyamatok, berendezések üzemeltetésére és fenntartására, vegyipari technológiák bevezetésére, alkalmazására, a munka szervezésére és irányítására, a műszaki fejlesztés, kutatás és tervezés átlagos bonyolultságú feladatainak ellátására a technológiai rendszerek egészséget nem veszélyeztető és biztonságos működtetésére, az emberi egészségre kifejthető hatásainak felismerésére, a szükséges prevenciós tevékenység eszköztárának alkalmazására. Felkészültek tanulmányaik mesterképzésben való folytatására. A vegyészmérnök a) tudása - Ismeri a vegyipar és a kapcsolódó iparágak területén alkalmazott folyamatok matematikai és természettudományos (kémiai és fizikai) hátterét. - Ismeri a vegyiparban leggyakrabban használt anyagokat, előállításuk alapjait és alkalmazásuk feltételeit. - Ismeri a kémiai és vegyipari folyamatokra vonatkozó alapvető elveket, tervezési és irányítástechnológiai eljárásokat. - Ismeri a vegyiparban és a kémiai technológiákban és a kapcsolódó laboratóriumokban használt berendezések, eszközök működési elveit, szerkezeti egységeiket, tervezésük alapjait. - Ismeri a vegyiparban és általában a kémiai folyamatokban használatos mérési és elemzési módszereket, eszközöket és mérőberendezéseiket, és azok alkalmazhatósági körülményeit. - Ismeri a szakterületéhez kapcsolódó biztonsági, egészségvédelmi és környezetvédelmi követelményeket. - Ismeri a vegyiparhoz, illetve a kémiai technológiákhoz szervesen kapcsolódó gazdasági, menedzsment, ...

    Category: Qualifications Location: Hungary