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Learning Opportunity: Polymer Technologies and Science (E)

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Polymer Technologies and Science (E)

Course Information

The master’s degree programme covers substantial basic knowledge in the areas of ”polymer materials and testing“, ”polymer processing“, ”polymer product engineering“, ”polymer chemistry and chemical engineering“, and ”lightweight design/construction“.
The regulations for subject examinations and course examinations are described in the study handbook of the JKU. The master's programme in "Polymer Technologies and Science" concludes with a master's examination. The master's examination consists of two parts: The first part is the successful completion of the mandatory subjects and elective subjects according to §§ 4 and 5. The second part of the master's examination is a comprehensive oral exam (2 ECTS credits) conducted by an examination committee. Prior to being admitted to the master's examination students must complete the first part of the master's examination, the master's thesis, the master's thesis seminar and the free electives. The second part of the master's examination starts with a presentation and a defence of the master's thesis, followed by two oral exams. One of the exams concerns the subject defined by the advisor of the master's thesis, the second exam must be chosen by the candidate out of the mandatory subjects listed in § 4 or one of the completed elective subjects listed in § 5. The examination committee consists of three members and is formed by the Vice Rector of Academic Affairs. The candidate may submit a proposal for the committee members. In general, the academic advisor of the master's thesis is a member of the examination committee. The head of the committee suggests the assessment of the presentation and the defence of the thesis. The other two examiners suggest the assessment of the examinations in their subjects, respectively.

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Polymer Technologies and Science (E)
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4 Semester / 120 ECTS*


4 Semester / 120 ECTS*

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Universität Linz

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Dipl.-Ing., DI