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Qualification: Master of Science in Statistical Data Analysis

Master of Science in Statistical Data Analysis

Qualification Information

1. Have advanced knowledge of and insight into a wide range of statistical techniques, their interrelations, and their application.
2. Can properly handle quantitative scientific research questions, independently, effectively and creatively, using appropriate designs and analysis methodology.
3. Are able to correctly use the theory, either methodologically or in an application context, or both, thus contributing to scientific research.
4. Can critically appraise the statistical process, from design, over data quality and data analysis to reporting.
5. Are able to select and use a statistical analysis technique and software tool, suitable for answering a specific research question within a given area of specialization.
6. Are capable of independently and systematically acquiring new knowledge through consulting appropriate sources in the relevant international literature.
7. Are effective written and oral communicators, both towards an audience of statistical experts as well as subject-matter experts.
8. Are aware of the ethical and social context of statistics and behave accordingly.
9. Can handle combined knowledge of at least one specific scientific discipline and the
statistical sciences from a mature perspective and with a broad sense of responsibility,
both independently and in a multidisciplinary context. (MaNaMa-specific DLR)
10. Can act as a responsible statistician in collaboration with subject-matter scientists.
(MaNaMa-specific DLR)

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