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This page provides you with information and links to opportunities to learn or study in another EU country. You can scroll down to find all information. You can filter the results by using the filters on the left.

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  1. Exercise and Sports Sciences- Human Movement (B.Sc.)

    The degree program in Exercise and Sports Sciences – Human Movement prepares you for the diverse range of tasks human movement coaches tackle in the national and international market. Your work as a human movement coach lies in the areas of learning or relearning and optimizing motor skills, working with children, adult patients, trainers, and athletes. The study program Exercise & Sport Sciences – Human Movement (B.Sc.) offers a broad range of knowledge. Movement and movement behaviour are approached from different perspectives, including sports medicine, biomechanics, psychology and pedagogy. At the same time the students learn how to coach and how to work scientifically. The students will analyze, support, and provide movement therapy for specific sports, and in illness and rehabilitation, working with both children and adults. They may also provide professional help in dealing with restrictions in movement in everyday life (for example, providing health support in companies and corporations).The program culminates with the bachelor’s thesis.   ...

    Provider NameLUNEX University

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