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Moving to a country to study

Moving to a country to study

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The education system in the Netherlands is decentralised. Until their fourth birthday, children can attend a day nursery or crèche. Playgroups cater for two to four-year-olds and fall under the responsibility of the local authorities. There are few preschool facilities for the under-fours. There are programmes for early childhood education, but these are aimed at two to five-year-olds at risk of educational disadvantage. Every child must attend school full-time from the age of five; however, nearly all children start going to school at the age of four. Primary education lasts eight years, after which, around the age of 12, pupils opt for one of three types of secondary education: pre-vocational secondary education (VMBO, which takes 4 years), senior general secondary education (HAVO, 5 years) or pre university education (VWO, 6 years). Most secondary schools are combined schools offering several types of secondary education so that pupils can transfer easily from one type to another. Young people aged 18 or over can take adult education courses or higher distance learning courses.

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EURES helpt werkenden de grens over

EURES (European Employment Services) is een samenwerkingsnetwerk dat het vrije verkeer van werknemers in de Europese Economische Ruimte, plus Zwitserland eenvoudiger wil maken. De arbeidsbureaus, de vakbonden en de werkgeversorganisaties maken als partners deel uit van het netwerk, dat gecoördineerd wordt door de Europese Commissie.

Category:Moving to a country

Category:Moving to a country

Category:Moving to a country