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Moving to a country to study

Moving to a country to study

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General Information

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Country specific Resources

Information on formal education, trainerships, volunteering and other aspects. For reading English version click here, Lithuanian version - here.

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Europos užimtumo tarnyba (EURES) – tai bendradarbiavimo tinklas, skirtas užtikrinti laisvą darbuotojų judėjimą Europos ekonominės erdvėje, kuriai priklauso ir Šveicarija. Šio tinklo partneriai yra viešosios užimtumo tarnybos, profesinės sąjungos ir darbdavių asociacijos. Už jo koordinavimą yra atsakinga Europos Komisija.

Category:Moving to a country

In the Republic of Lithuania, education is a priority supported by the State. It is based on the humanistic values of the nation and world culture, the democratic principles as well as the universally accepted human rights and freedoms. In most education levels a per capita based education financing system is introduced (money follows the pupil/student).

Category:Moving to a country

Help and advice for EU nationals and their family. For more information in English click here, in Lithuanian click here.

Category:Moving to a country