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  1. Agrarna ekonomika (Agricultural Economics)

    Študij traja 2 leti in obsega 120 kreditnih točk. Temeljni cilji programa so usmerjeni v poznavanje raziskovalne aktivnosti na področju agrarne ekonomike in njenih sorodnih disciplin. Študent pridobi vso potrebno izobrazbo in praktične izkušnje, da se lahko po zaključenem študiju uspešno vključi v katerokoli dejavnost, povezano s kmetijstvom ter pridelavo zdrave hrane, ob poznavanju vseh temeljnih agrarnoekonomskih principov. Študent pridobi znanja s področja razvoja stroke. Specifičnost magistrskega študija je v njegovi poudarjeni naravnanosti na samostojnem znanstvenoraziskovalnem delu. * Vir opisov študijskih programov so posamezne spletne strani izobraževalnih organizacij in zborniki (Vodnik po prvostopenjskih in enovitih magistrskih študijskih programih - Univerza v Ljubljani; Vodnik po drugostopenjskih študijskih programih – Univerza v Ljubljani; Znanje, izkušnje, izzivi, prihodnost – Univerza v Mariboru) ...

    Provider NameUniverza v Mariboru, Fakulteta za kmetijstvo in biosistemske vede (Faculty of Agriculture and...

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Slovenia
  2. Agricultural and Food Economy

    The degree programme in Agricultural and Food Economy provides the students with interdisciplinary and integrative knowledge and skills which are needed in the agricultural production chain. Human and animal food as well as renewable primary products are central aspects of the course. The relatively small number of compulsory subjects include mainly introductory courses and more in-depth courses in agricultural business administration, agricultural marketing as well as methods of rural regional development, two subject-specific excursions and the course “International Commodity Markets and Trade Policy”. The above-mentioned specialisations (business administration and marketing or agricultural and food policy) are not compulsory, thus the contents can be ideally adapted to the students' individual requirements. ...

    Provider NameUniversität für Bodenkultur Wien

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Austria, Wien

    AGRICULTURAL COUNSELLING (POLjOPRIVREDNO SAVETODAVSTVO - POLjOPRIVREDNI SAVETODAVAC) is an one-year Master programme (60ECTS) of academic studies offered by the Faculty of Agriculture in Novi Sad. ...

    Provider NameUniversity of Novi Sad, Faculty of Agriculture

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Serbia
  4. Agricultural Crop Sciences

    Applied Plant Sciences teach students a well-founded interdisciplinary knowledge about functions and strategies of use of agrarian ecosystems for a responsible and competent guarantee of the production of plant primary products and foodstuffs. The master programme consists of compulsory subjects, compulsory focal subjects, elective subjects and elective subjects that can be chosen freely, and the master thesis; thus, if students wish, they can be very flexible in their choice of subjects. The only general compulsory subjects are the master seminar and an interdisciplinary excursion. To consolidate and enhance one’s knowledge numerous courses in the following elective modules are available: plant production and grassland-based agriculture, plant protection, plant breeding and plant biotechnology, horticulture, pomiculture and viticulture, garden tending and landscape gardening, agrology, agricultural engineering, methodological basics and tools. ...

    Provider NameUniversity of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Austria, Wien
  5. Agricultural Engineering- Master studies

    The Master study programme of Agricultural Engineering offers two specialisation options: Automotive Engineering and Power Engineering. The programme includes the study courses: Research and Engineering science, Computerized Measurement Systems, Logistics, Transport Management and Logistics, Automobile Construction Technology, Traffic Management and Modelling, Alternative Fuels and Oils, Intellectual Technologies and systems, etc. The study programme is completed with the elaboration of the Master thesis envisaging analytical and experimental research. Experiments are performed in up-dated laboratories at the Faculty of Engineering using modern research methods and equipment. Career prospects and further studies: The graduates work in state-owned or private companies of agricultural machinery, autotransport, energy supply and machine building. Master's degree entitles graduates to continue studies in a respective doctoral study programme in universities in Latvia or abroad. ...

    Provider NameLatvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Latvia

    AGRICULTURAL EQUIPMENT TECHNOLOGY (POLjOPRIVREDNA TEHNIKA) is an one-year Master programme (60ECTS) of academic studies offered by the Faculty of Agriculture in Novi Sad. ...

    Provider NameUniversity of Novi Sad, Faculty of Agriculture

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Serbia
  7. Agricultural Science, M.Sc

    Knowledge, ability and skillsAt the conclusion of the program, the student can demonstrate knowledge, skills and ability as stated below:Knowledge and Understanding: Students have acquired systematic understanding of the most recent knowledge available within the relevant field of study/- profession. In addition to the knowledge criteria for first cycle, students at second cycle shall have deepened or widened the knowledge base obtained at former levels. Students can use their knowledge and understanding in a professional manner and have the ability to reason, put forward scientific questions and analyse and comprehend knowledge put forward in the specific field, and to substantiate solutions to problems within the relevant field of study/profession. Type of Knowledge: Students possess significant understanding of problems and subjects, based on the most recent information and research in the relevant field of study. Students have acquired knowledge by attending courses and/or carrying out research in an area of expertise. Practical Skills: Students can make decisions in an independent, professional way and sustain them on the basis of a field of study/profession. Students have the ability and skills to evaluate, analyse and gather scientific data. Students can develop projects and put them in context by applying methods based on relevant studies, theories and/or experiments. Students can understand and tackle complex subjects in a professional context. Theoretical Skills: Students can make autonomous assessmen ...

    Provider NameLBHI

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Iceland

    AGRICULTURE (POLjOPRIVREDA) is an one-year Master programme (60ECTS) of academic studies offered by the Faculty of Agriculture in Belgrade. ...

    Provider NameUniversity of Belgrade, Faculty of Agriculture

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Serbia
  9. Agroecosystems

    Future holders of a Ecology master's degree under Agroecosystems program studies, are studying subjects, as follows: Plant Biology; Planning and Analysis of Scientific Research; Chemical Analysis of Plants and Soil; Information Technologies in Agronomy; Agroecology and Environment; Crop Ecology; Weed Ecology; Soil Tillage and Environment; Organic agriculture. Moreover, students can choose 17 credits from alternative subjects. Practice is not provided. ...

    Provider NameAleksandras Stulginskis University

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Lithuania
  10. Agrologi (ylempi AMK), biotalouden kehittäminen

    Biotalouden kehittämisen opintosi sisältävät syventäviä ammattiopintoja, vapaasti valittavia opintoja sekä opinnäytetyön. Syventävät ammattiopinnot sekä tutkimus- ja kehittämisopinnot antavat valmiuksia löytää, vahvistaa ja kehittää niitä prosesseja, jotka edistävät biotalousyhteiskuntaan siirtymistä. Syventävät ammattiopinnot pyrkivät parantamaan valmiuksiasi synnyttää biotalousalan liiketoimintaa yhdistelemällä olemassa olevia prosesseja ja raaka-aineita uudella tavalla asiakkaiden tarpeiden mukaan huomioiden niin ekologisen, teknologisen, taloudellisen kuin kulttuurillisen ja sosiaalisen näkökulman. Vapaasti valittavien opintojen kautta voit vahvistaa osaamistasi yrittäjänä tai keskittyä sinulle opinnoissasi tärkeän osaamisen vahvistamiseen. Lue lisää  ...

    Provider NameJyväskylän ammattikorkeakoulu, JAMK, Luonnonvara-ala, Saarijärvi

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Finland