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Qualification: Professional Master's Degree in Music (JVLMA)

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Professional Master's Degree in Music (JVLMA)

Qualification Information

Knowledge (knowledge and comprehension):
The postgraduate student acquires in-depth knowledge and comprehension, part of which complies with the latest findings in music science and in the respective professional field (performing art) and provides basis for creative thinking and research and for collaborative activities in fields of music performance and education.

Skills (knowledge application skills, communication skills, general skills):
Postgraduate students acquire the skills to apply theoretical knowledge, methods and to solve problems in order to undertake artistic activities and duties of a highly qualified professional musician as well as to carry out research in his/her field of specialization.
Postgraduate students acquire the skills to explain and to discuss complicated or systemic and professional aspects of the respective field of music with professionals and non-professionals.

Student is able to independently organize further perfection of his/her competencies,
- to assume responsibility and to analyze the results of the group work (chamber ensemble);
- to undertake entrepreneurship activities (culture institutions or individual arts projects, teaching practice),
- to introduce innovations into the respective field of musical specialization, carry out duties of professional musician and teacher, carry out research activities;
- to further pursue studies (further education, doctoral studies) to make decisions and to find creative solutions in changing or uncertain circumstances.

Competencies (analysis, synthesis and evaluation):
Upon completion of study courses the postgraduate student is able to independently define and critically analyze complicated professional and scientific issues,
- to substantiate decisions and to perform additional analysis.
Postgraduate student has acquired the competency to integrate the knowledge of different fields (music, psychology, sociology, didactics of higher education),
- to contribute to the development of new methods in the activities of the respective music field (performing art);
- to demonstrate understanding and ethical responsibility about the possible influence of professional activities on social environment.

Reference Data

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Awarding body: 

- Jāzeps Vītols Latvian Academy of Music

Awarding body contact info: 

Tālr.: 67228684
Fakss: 67820271
E-pasts: academy@music.lv

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Access requirements: 

Higher education qualification of LQF level 6 (bachelor, professional bachelor or professional higher education qualification) in the same or compatible branch of science or professional field of higher education, as well as a certain professional experience laid down by higher education institution

Ways to acquire: 

Formal (through education programmes)