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  1. Abdominal Surgery

    1. Programos tikslas. Pilvo (abdominalinės) chirurgijos rezidentūra - trečiosios pakopos profesinės universitetinės medicinos krypties studijos - yra viena iš gydytojų podiplominių nuosekliųjų studijų formų, kurios tikslas - rengti praktinei veiklai specialistus, kvalifikuotus gydytojus pilvo (abdominalinius) chirurgus. Studijų uždaviniai įsisavinimo lygiams: 1. žinojimo: rezidentai privalo žinoti pilvo ertmės chirurginių ligų etiologiją, patogenezę, simptomatiką, tyrimo metodus, diferencinę diagnostiką, medikamentinio ir chirurginio gydymo principus; 2. mokėjimo: išmokti diagnozuoti ir nuspręsti gydymo taktiką įvairių chirurginių ligų ir sindromų atvejais; 3. gebėjimai: įsisavinti privalomas manipuliacijas ir operacijas pagal gydytojo pilvo (abdominalinio) chirurgo normą. 2. Išsilavinimo reikalavimai stojantiesiems. Į pilvo (abdominalinės) chirurgijos rezidentūrą priimami asmenys, baigę vientisąsias universitetines medicinos studijas bei medicinos internatūrą, įgyję medicinos gydytojo profesinę kvalifikaciją ir turintys Lietuvos Respublikoje ar užsienyje išduotus, Lietuvoje teisės aktų nustatyta tvarka pripažintus, aukštojo mokslo diplomą ir internatūros (pirminės rezidentūros) pažymėjimą. 3. Specialieji reikalavimai ir rekomendacijos. Geras lietuvių kalbos žinojimas. 4. Studijų kalba ir kitos studijavimo sąlygos. Lietuvių kalba. 5. Studijų turinys. Studijų turinys grindžiamas vientisųjų universitetinių studijų metu įgytomis žiniomis bei gebėjimais ir nustatomas pagal patvirtintą ir registruotą pilvo (abdomina ...

    Provider NameLithuanian University of Health Sciences

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Lithuania
  2. Abivahendispetsialist

    https://enda.ehis.ee/avalik/avalik/oppekava/OppekavaOtsi.faces?kood=140845 ...

    Provider NameTallinna Tervishoiu Kõrgkool

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Estonia
  3. Adapted Physical Activity

    Objective(s) of a study programme: the aim of the master programme in Adapted Physical Activity is to prepare professionals who are motivated, have knowledge and ability to apply relevant biomedical and social theories as well as advanced methods in working with persons with disabilities and (or) the elderly for their rehabilitation, health promotion and social integration purposes; to carry out Adapted Physical Activity research and implement social innovation. Learning outcomes: Knowledge and its application – 1) Adapted Physical Activity philosophy, sociology of empowerment, scientific methods for investigation of personal physical and bio-social functioning; sustainable development paradigm and implementation strategies; 2) knowledge of biomedical sciences with the focus on peculiarities of the target groups; 3) theory of health education as well as health promotion strategies. Research skills – 4) to identify, plan and carry out complex research in Adapted Physical Activity, based on testing personal physical and bio-social functions as well as social research; to use appropriate qualitative and quantitative research methods; 5) to analyze and interpret results of research as well as formulate future-oriented conclusions; 6) to assess effectiveness and efficiency of the Adapted Physical Activity programs; to justify Adapted Physical Activity quality criteria taking into account ethical considerations as well as social, economic, environmental and cultural contexts. Special (professional) ...

    Provider NameVilnius University

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Lithuania
  4. Adapted physical activity

    Objective(s) of a study programme: On the basis of achievements in international level fundamental and applied interdisciplinary science and technologies, to train Masters of APA possessing modern knowledge and abilities to carry out research, use the findings in the preparation, execution and expert evaluation of various level social services, projects of events, programmes for solving psychomotor-ecological and empowerment problems for the disabled, aiming at their independence, equal rights and possibilities as well as changes in the national social policy according to the provisions of UN the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Learning outcomes: Programme graduate will be able to: 1. Understand and explain the influence of different philosophical tendencies on the formation of scientific concepts, relevant scientific problem-solving possibilities of the methodology of modern science and ideas in terms of performance, a variety of recognized modern scientific concepts of research method, understanding the potential of using them in theoretical and methodological research background. 2. Know and understand the aspects and methodological issues of modern psychobiology of motor control, the essence of humanistic theories of adaptation and social core skills, understand their usefulness in planning and organizing their research and development projects. 3. Know and to describe the possibilities of modern biometry, sociometry and computerized analysis packets, use them in their biomedical and ...

    Provider NameLithuanian Sports University

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Lithuania
  5. Adapted physical activity

    Objective(s) of a study programme: On the basis of achievements in international level fundamental and applied interdisciplinary science and technologies, to train Bachelor of Rehabilitation, specialist with a professional qualification of the Rehabilitologist of the disabled who will be able to work with persons with different disabilities (movement, vision, hearing, mental, etc.) in the areas of their physical, psychological and social rehabilitation, using various special means and methods of physical activity aiming at reducing their social exclusion and improving their quality of life. Learning outcomes: Programme graduate will be able to: 1. Find and understand modern scientific ideas emerging form fundamental and applied interdisciplinary research and practice, define a holistic approach to a human, explain the trends in the development of the society, stratification, social roles and identities, and to evaluate critically and analyze social problems according to contemporary sociological paradigms. 2. Define basic knowledge, theories and laws of life, medical and social sciences, which are the foundation of professional their qualifications; be able to extrapolate them developing their subject competences. 3. Use scientific databases, evaluate the quality of the information sources, use statistical testing and research methods in their own research in biomedical and / or social sciences. 4. Understand and be able to assess the social interaction of political, economic and cultural phenomena using that ...

    Provider NameLithuanian Sports University

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Lithuania
  6. Advance Nursing Practice

    General Description: The aim of the study program (s)- is to prepare a competent advanced practice nurse with acquired modern knowledge, practical skills and considerable critical thinking who would rely on the system of professional and personal values formed and is able to apply advanced nursing practice solutions based on scientific research, to work independently in various health care institutions and to take leadership in a dynamic multi-professional environment in order to effectively deal with the problems of health care system. Learning outcomes: 1. Knowledge and its application 1.1. Know the national and international health policies; health care legislation; health care administration and the peculiarities of individual health care professionals team work and team building principles. 1.2. Know the most common symptoms of the body's systems, diseases, pathogenesis, diagnosis, complications, treatment basics, the formulation of diagnoses, prescription, differential diagnosis bases; pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic principles in the treatment of acute and chronic life threatening conditions; drug consumption patterns; total body response to violations and pathological processes in the human body. 2. Ability to carry out research 2.1. Be able to critically analyze and proper use of the scientific literature, independently plan and carry out research over the scientifically and practically important health and nursing issues, summarize and evaluate the results of a multidisciplinary approach in the n ...

    Provider NameLithuanian University of Health Sciences

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Lithuania
  7. Advanced Nursing Practice

    Das Masterstudium Advanced Nursing Practice ist berufsbegleitend als kombiniertes Online-/Präsenzstudium konzipiert und bietet neben onlinegestützten Lerninhalten, die rund um die Uhr individuell bearbeitet werden können, auch ein sehr individuelles Betreuungsprogramm an. Es stehen max. 25 Studienplätze zur Verfügung. Die Präsenzzeit am Studienstandort in Salzburg beträgt für das zweijährige Studium 10 Wochen. 1. Studienjahr • Vertiefung der Ansätze in der quantitativen und qualitativen Forschung • Advanced Nursing Practice • Kommunikation im Pflegealltag • Einschätzung und Klassifizierung in der Pflege • Medizinisches Fachwissen im erweiterten pflegerischen Handeln • Praktikum • Erstellen einer wissenschaftlichen Arbeit • Projekt- und Forschungsmanagement • Spezialisierung "acute care I / chronic care I" • Simulationstraining • Wahlpflicht-Fächer (2 von 3) – Wissenschaftskommunikation: Präsentation und Moderation – eHealth und mHealth in der Pflege – Nursing Minimum Dataset – Instrument zur Sammlung von Pflegedaten 2. Studienjahr • Gesundheitliche Versorgung der Gesellschaft • Ethik und Recht in der Pflege • Management in der Pflege • Erstellen einer wissenschaftlichen Arbeit • Projekt- & Forschungsmanagement • Praktikum • Simulation • Spezialisierung "acute care II / chronic care II" • Spezialisierung "acute care III / chronic care III" • Masterarbeit ...

    Provider NameParacelsus Medizinische Privatuniversität

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Austria, Salzburg
  8. Advanced Nursing Practice

    Sie lernen, eigenverantwortlich leitende Tätigkeiten zu übernehmen und dabei immer Effizienz und Qualität in der geleisteten Pflege im Blick zu haben. Ein besonderer Fokus liegt dabei auf der Primärversorgung der Bevölkerung. Sie beschäftigen sich unter anderem mit Primärversorgungseinheiten, denn diese neuen Gesundheitszentren nehmen eine wichtige Rolle in der Gesundheitsförderung und Prävention – auch in hochtechnisierten Settings – ein. Für den angewandten Theorie-Praxistransfer ist es erforderlich, im 3. Semester des Masterstudiums an einem Praxisprojekt zu arbeiten, bei dem innovative Lösungen für konkrete Problemstellungen aus der Pflegepraxis entwickelt und anschließend einem Fachpublikum präsentiert werden. ...

    Provider NameIMC Fachhochschule Krems GmbH

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Austria, Niederösterreich
  9. Advanced Nursing Practice

    Graduates of the master's programme in Advanced Nursing Practice can take on more advanced and extended nursing tasks within the framework of health and nursing care. The fields of activity of an Advanced Practice Nurse include extended, advanced and specialised nursing practice that takes place directly with individuals, families or groups in social and health care institutions. ...

    Provider NameTiroler Privatuniversität UMIT

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Austria, Tirol
  10. Aesthetic Cosmetology

    General Description: Objective of a study programme: To prepare high qualification specialists of cosmetology, who are creative, think critically and are socially responsible, understand the principles of healthy lifestyle, are able to evaluate influence of external and internal factors for health and skin, to provide procedures of cosmetology, apply modern technologies, responsibly and effectively manage the processes of beauty service business, develop and seek for constant personal and professional improvement. Learning outcomes: The graduates of this study programme: 1. Will be able to apply knowledge of peculiarities of organism and human anatomic, physiological, pathological skin and/or skin lesions, the composition and purpose of cosmetic products, principles of performing and arranging cosmetologic procedures while providing beauty services to persons of any age. 2. Will be able to apply in their professional activity the principles of healthy lifestyle and knowledge about external and internal factor influence on health, skin and/or skin lesions, aiming to form positive customer attitudes towards areas of health, beauty and life quality improvement. 3. Will be able to gather and analyse data, to use informational technologies, to apply quantitative and qualitative research methods and to prepare research instruments, necessary to solve relevant problems of a professional activity. 4. Will be able to analyse beauty service market, the quality of provided services, and customer’s needs seeking to manage ...

    Provider NameUniversity of Applied Social Sciences

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Lithuania