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‘Word wat je wil’ is a complete guide to all public adult education and training in the Flemish part of Belgium. ‘Word wat je wil’ gives you access to general descriptions of education and training programmes, single subject programmes, and information on the actual courses: time, price and place.

‘Word wat je wil’ is financed by the Flemish Government. Diva, a co-operation of public services of adult education and training, is responsible for ‘Word wat je wil’. The database for adult education and training contains the following topics:

  • Continuing education: for employed and unemployed adults
  • Vocational Training organised by the Flemish Employment Service (VDAB): for unemployed and employed adults, and companies.

    Short vocational training courses including initial vocational training for un-skilled and semi-skilled workers and further training for skilled workers and technicians.

  • Vocational and management training courses for self-employed
  • Basic education for adults : For adults who have not enough basic knowledge, skills and attitudes, and thus need a basic training in order to fully participate in society or follow further training.
  • Dutch language courses for foreigners.
  • Part-time education in the arts
  • Socio-cultural training: short training courses for personal growth en development
  • Higher education: academic bachelor, professional bachelor, master programmes, higher vocational programmes, open university courses
  • Distance Learning